And a Beautiful Saturday It Was

Warm, sunny day

I love weekends – who doesn’t? It’s the only time of the week I get to:

  • sleep in till 9 am
  • watch as many TV episodes I want
  • go window shopping
  • daydream at a café
  • try out a new recipe for lunch/dinner
  • watch a nice movie with the boyfriend
  • try out a new restaurant

So yes, the weekends are precious. The whipped cream on top of it is good weather. Warm, sunny days in Oslo are special because there aren’t many of them. It’s not that the weather in Oslo is bad, it’s just that warm, sunny days are not very common. So when they come by – I try to make the best of them.

Today (Saturday) was awesome. I woke up, pottered about the apartment getting ready to meet the boyfriend for brunch at Koloni Hagen. It’s quaint café in Frogner. Frogner is like the rich part of Oslo, I guess, West Side-ish. But I like it because it feels different – you get many different kind of shops there – even the Bunnpris (a local, grocery chain) looks classier there!

Brunch at Koloni Hagen

So, at Koloni Hagen I was naughty – I had dessert-like items for brunch instead of the more healthy options 😉 I had a scone (which was really tasty – not very sweet) and the organic apple cake (which had tasty bits of apple slices baked into it). They also had homemade Rhubarb preserve which was yummy. If you’re ever around Frogner, do check out this café.

After brunch, I left the boyfriend to read at the café and I wandered off into the shopping area to window shop. Of course I ended up buying a few things but let’s just say they were all bargains that were too good to let go. 50% discounted Timberland shoes for Autumn (that’s how I stock up for the coming season, during sales *wink*) and a 50NOK blouse on a clearance rack (50NOK is like the price of a slice of cake) were just impossible to resist. Post shopping I went home and then met up with the boyfriend again to do the weekend’s groceries. We usually shop together and split the items in two for our own apartments. I usually get most of the groceries since we often eat at my place as I have the bigger kitchen 🙂

Today’s dinner was Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Olives (recipe here). I have never made a Moroccan dish before but I’ve been itching to cook something new so I was looking for recipes on Ninemsn and stumbled upon this dish. It was quite tasty but if you’re not a fan of olives, you might want to omit them. Here’s a photo of my dish served with Basmati rice.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Olives

I’m looking forward to a quiet Sunday…just what I need to recharge to face Monday. It’s going to be a challenging week next week 🙂


4 responses

  1. Hey!!!

    I too love slow and sleepy weekends..eating out,playing out and going for a nice movie..

    but weekends vanishes off in seconds i guess..

    Nice post

    Have a great week ahead

    • Hm, it took about 40 minutes to make if I remember correctly. Part of the time consuming task was to let it simmer for 30 minutes. But the olives taste was very strong.

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