My Kind of Breakfast

I love a good breakfast because it reduces the chances of me getting the munchies and craving snacks later.

Often I make a mean omelette with a slice or two of brown toast – served with a huge mug of freshly brewed green tea.



So what goes into the omelette? That depends – definitely an egg or two (depending on whether the boyfriend is coming over for breakfast or not). Sometimes I use three eggs. Then I add half an onion and a capsicum – both chopped with my favourite Mastrad rotating chopper.

*photo borrowed from

This chopper saves me a lot of time (and tears) 🙂

Then there’ll be a few sprigs of chives, a few dashes of pepper, pinch of salt (I’m not a big fan of salt, I eat very little of it), some cayenne pepper or chilli flakes.

I fry the omelette in a non-stick skillet – but I’m pretty bad at keeping it whole 🙂 It usually crumbles when I attempt to flip it over. That’s a skill that I have to work at. Hehe.

Have a good Sunday, guys!


One response

  1. Hi Fieran..landed on your blog in a bit of a roundabout way…you have a fun blog 🙂 And, that flipping skill…I think it also needs a bit of confidence. I tend to make a mess of it if my hubby is watching me 😀


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