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Magazine Stack

Magazine Stack

Since it is Summer and I’ve been dreaming of sitting in a cafe, sipping and iced latte and just reading – I’ve picked up a stack of magazines. I didn’t get all of them at once. Some of them were on 50% discount because the news stands were having a “Summer Reading” offer.

I have enough to read until middle of August.

A lot of these magazines have articles on improving self esteem, accepting yourself, and knowing that you just cannot do everything – now those are topics I’m very interested in.


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    • It’s about 25 to 28C maybe. It could get to 30 or 31. Today is a rainy 19C unfortunately.

      P/s – Starbucks has iced lattes πŸ˜‰ Even with decaf.

  1. 25-28 in summer??? Oooh I envy you! It can get up to 40 degrees here 😦 It’s 36 outside right now. And boy oh boy do I miss Starbucks (and their cheese cakes). Not surprisingly, there isn’t a Starbucks in Italy. The Italians turn up their noses at what they deem as “gross American coffee”. Everyone drinks espressos, and occasionally cappuccinos (for brekkie). Order a cappuccino after 11am, and you may just get a weird look, or people automatically know that you’re a tourist. Coffee here is all about the intense flavour and that caffeine high. I miss the Starbucks-sipping-while-chilling experience. And oh, no English magazines here *bangs head on wall*

  2. Summer is very fleeting here. It’s like two months of mild, comfortable temperature, probably a week of 30+ C (and I’ll start melting) then it’s back to 15 C and finally Autumn’s 4 or 5 C. I love the sunlight though – and how it only sets around 11pm. Makes me feel very productive.

    I used to work at Starbucks and my colleagues and I always discussed how Italy will probably never have a Starbucks. Now that you mention how they give you strange looks for Cappucino… it makes sense! I ordered a cafe au lait in Venice and got strange looks too. Didn’t think the espresso was the only coffee they drank. Italian coffee is sooo good though – especially the pastries that come with the coffee. *dreamy sigh*

    No English magazines at all? Hm, you could get a Kindle from Amazon – then you’ll have access to some popular magazines. Another option is to ask your hubby to pick up copies from the airport πŸ™‚

  3. Teehee, yea, he nicks the English magazines for me from the plane or lounge when he’s travelling. I treat them like gold and read them little by little so as not to finish it in one go like how I usually read stuff.

    • Hm, let me check how much it would cost to post magazines to where you are. I have stacks of not-so-new ones that I’d gladly part with. Would you be up for them? πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, you’re too kind, but I reckon postage is gonna cost me a bomb 😦 Mags are rather heavy I reckon.

    • I’m not sure how much it will cost, let me find out and come back to you. I know it’s cheap to send “paper only” packages because they don’t require customs declaration.

  5. Thanks a bunch! Btw, I’m going to Malmo in Sweden next month. Its not too far away from you :/ So near yet so far. I’ll be thinking of you when I see a Starbucks/

    • Aww πŸ™‚ I’m touched. It’s only 1 hour flight to go from Sweden to Oslo – some day you should consider it. Have a good trip and do pick up some Swedish design jewellery – Snö of Sweden has some nice stuff.

  6. Magazines! I find I often like the idea of magazines more than actually reading them. Somehow they always seem to make me feel lazy and unaccomplished. Then there are the “What to buy when you’re broke” articles that lists diamond jewellery, leather handbags, purses, belts and shoes and and and oh πŸ™‚

    • You’re quite right. The idea of sitting in the tube (T-Bane) and reading a magazine is really nice – but ultimately these magazines do have a way of making me feel fat and out of shape and definitely not worthy of dressing the way the models do in the photographs. I’ve been trying to build some self esteem and and accept myself better – hence the magazines. It’s a bit like pain tolerance πŸ˜‰

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