I’m Anything but Flexible

So I attended a yoga class yesterday only to realize that I am anything but flexible. I’ve known since highschool that my fingers cannot reach my toes and I attributed it to my legs being a bit too long, I do have a short torso so it’s quite likely.

Downward Facing Dog

Image borrowed from FitSugar.com.

The yoga teacher kind of tried to get me to do the Downward Dog pose and my feet wouldn’t touch the ground fully – I was still tiptoeing. Later, the teacher was literally pretzel-ing herself as I watched in awe. I guess I underestimated how difficult yoga actually is.

Overall it was a good workout. I’d like to try it out again, but I’m wondering if flexibility can actually be learned over time or if some of us are just not proportionate enough for yoga?

P/s – I’m quite a rigid person, generally – I have a lot of principles and rules and it’s taken me a good 5 years to learn how to be less fussy and more easy going. Maybe the body reflects the mind…


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  1. You definitely do get more flexible the more you stretch 🙂 It’s true that some are naturally less flexible, but it’s also different for each muscle. Some people’s shoulders are very flexible but can’t reach their toes when they stand. I’m not very flexible either, compared to some of the regular yoga people, and I didn’t even know the heel was supposed to touch the ground on Downward facing dog 😉

    Keep working, Fieran, you’ll get there!

    • I’ll try to go for the class next week again and see 🙂 It was quite relaxing.

      This is the Energy Yoga class – there’s still Hatha and Ashtanga but I think the Ashtanga classes are quite long. Might give one of those a try to see how different it is.

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