Sunday at Home

I spent most of Saturday on my feet – at the gym (a powerful Strength & Core workout that I convinced the bf to attend as well – he was one of the only three men there) and around the city (had to eat an ice-cream seeing as this was one of the last sunny weekends before the sun shuts down for Winter).


To my utter excitement we found mooncakes at Hong Kong Supermarked (on Bernt Ankers gate). Just imagine, mooncakes in Oslo! I’ve come across mooncakes and many amazing Asian ingredients at this Asian grocery store before so in a way I kind of hoped/expected that they’d have them this time of the year. It was just nice to have it confirmed. We got the mini ones as they have less egg yolks in them – I’m not a big fan of the salted egg yolks but I don’t mind them as long as I get to eat some mooncakes each year.

I’m a bit sore today that laughing hurts – but it was so worth it. Gosh I sound like a gym junkie now 😦

I met some friends for lunch and ice-cream yesterday. The weather was “ice-cream perfect” as it was sunny and windy as the same time. Mr T called it “a perfect Autumn day”.

Chicken Tikka Wrap with Nan Bread (@ Olive and Nan)

Olive and Nan is a cute restaurant in Paleet. Despite being part of a high end mall, this restaurant is anything but pricey and pretentious. It’s actually very down to earth – you’re guaranteed a nice meal consisting of freshly made nan bread and a curry (either Chicken Tikka, Garlic Chicken, Prawn Tikka, etc.) and some rice. On my second visit there (yesterday) they also had Mango Lassi. It was so tasty and smooth.

Char Siu Chicken & Fried Beehoon

Thanks to the mooncakes, I felt like Asian food today so for lunch I made Char Siu Chicken Drumsticks (recipe courtesy of Kimbaskitchen). I couldn’t get chicken wings (don’t ask) so I settled for drumsticks instead. They were delicious served with fried beehoon (doesn’t look as good as it tasted) and omelette strips (made them the way my Mom does). Perfect for a lazy Sunday!

Char Siu Chicken & Fried Beehoon 2

I’m amazed that I actually found Lee Kum Kee’s Char Siu Sauce in Hong Kong Supermarked. I also made sure I got a bottle of Hoi Sin sauce. Just need a recipe to use it for 🙂

*Happy sigh* I’m going to spend my remaining Sunday cleaning, reading and catching up with laundry. I hope you guys are having a great weekend 🙂


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    • You’re full vege? Yaar I had no clue. That’s awesome though – I sometimes toy with the idea of becoming full vege when I’m older, it’s quite a common pattern with the elderly women in my family. I don’t know how easy it will be to give up meat though. Good for you 🙂 I’m impressed.

      Hehe, yes, I’m a bit of a foodie because during weekdays I eat lunch at my office cantine. The food there isn’t bad but I’m a bit spoiled as I was brought up with delicious ghar ka kaana 🙂 So in the evenings and weekends especially, I try to make up for the not-so-good lunch meals.

  1. I’m glad you managed to drag boyfriend to gym! How did he like it? 🙂

    And oh, what magnificent food you’ve eaten! 🙂 The mooncakes sound very strange – I can’t seem to wrap my head around them 😉

    • He said it was a good workout – but since there were two other men I think – he wasn’t *that* uncomfortable. Next is to convince him to try out yoga.

      Yes, the mooncakes are strange – they are only available once a year and I grew up eating them. Malaysia is multi-racial (Malay, Chinese, and Indian people being the main races) so we eat a lot of different kinds of food.

      You know the consistency of bean paste like Adzuki bean paste? (they are usually used in Japanese desserts like Mochi, etc) Basically it’s like a cake with bean paste. The cake is like a thin skin on top that is baked till golden brown. They are all in the same shape and size with different filling. You need a special mould to make the skin. The mould usually has auspicious chinese characters, or a picture of cute little animals, etc..but the taste is mainly from the filling.

      You might be able to find some in Chinatown in London in October because that’s after the festival (mid September) – they might be selling them at discounted prices 🙂 that’s what they look like.

  2. It’s a good thing I usually only like my mum-in-law’s mooncakes, else I’d get pretty darn jealous of yr mooncake. Then again, ANY mooncake is better than no mooncake. So there. I’m jealous anyway.

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