And A Busy Week it Was

My goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 13 days. It is quite unlike me.

Do accept my sincerest apologies in case some of you have been checking back for updates. Who knows? I might be popular 😉

I had a good business trip in Amsterdam for a few days last week, then I came back to Oslo and have since been catching up with my Norwegian language lessons and playing around with makeup.

Amsterdam was beautiful – the little bit that I saw. The weather was much more pleasant than Oslo (most days, but there was heavy rain on the last day when I was about to leave) and the food – ah, I could write a whole book on how good the food is in Amsterdam! I had sushi, grilled jumbo prawns, gyoza, grilled sea bass, and prawn in lemon and tomato sauce. *Happy sigh* Also, the Dutch sure know how to make killer french fries. They are utterly delicious.

I attended a tradeshow – hence I had to be there most of the time – but I did manage to pop by the MAC Pro store (for non makeup enthusiasts, this is like the shrine for makeup) and was greeted by a wonderful Makeup Artiste (I didn’t know it was a Pro store until she mentioned that I could place the eyeshadows I wanted into a quad). She was extremely helpful and let me play around with so many colours. I finally decided on a quad with the following colours: Beauty Marked, Club, Bronze, and Blackberry. Here’s what my custom quad looks like:

MAC Custom Quad: Club, Bronze, Beauty Marked, and Blackberry

Apart from the business trip – which involved a lot of good fun with my current colleagues…  I also hung out with some former colleagues on Friday for post salary beer. It was a lot of fun. I’m constantly amazed at how easier life can be if I let go of some of my sensitiveness when it comes to people and just accept them for exactly who they are. I feel lighter, when I do that. Life’s way too short for grudges, no?

I spoke to my little niece on the phone the other day – she’s just too cute. She didn’t say much but in the end she said “Bye Bye” and it was enough to brighten up my day. I should probably bring her to Norway 🙂

I did a bit of Autumn shopping recently and picked up some evil looking boots.

Black Boots

These shoes are actually not really me but I’m trying to venture out of my comfort zone every once in awhile and buy something different as I notice – if given the chance, I keep wearing sneakers and boring cardigans to work. This has got to change 🙂


I’d like to post a shout out to Cas who recently delivered a cute little baby girl. Congrats, Cas! You’re going to make one cool Mommy 😉 and I’m sure your daughter will be beautiful just like you.


8 responses

    • It was a good trip but very tiring as I had to socialize post tradeshow, etc. I’m more of a “work-behind-the-scenes” person so having to socialize took a bit of energy.

  1. I checked back for updates! 😀 Good to see you back, Fieran! 🙂 Always a pleasure to read your updates 🙂 Sounds like you had a good time in Amsterdam! 🙂

    • Hehehe, I couldn’t not buy them…they are so comfortable despite looking evil. Barely any aches or pains from wearing them a full day at work! I’m surprised.

  2. Awww hey thanks for the shout out babe *hugs* Really hope I make a cool Mom 🙂

    REALLY glad you had a blast in Amsterdam but I wanna see photos. I’m SO in love with the MAC palette – would make a mean smokey look!

    • Oh no, I have no photos 😦 I spent all my time (except for an hour in the city on my 2nd last day) in the tradeshow wearing the company shirt, black pants, painful shoes (despite having broken into them a few days before). Roaming costs a bomb so I was not really online at all – apart from the free wireless in the hotel room.

      Will take piccies for you when I’m on my next vacation 🙂

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