A Cloudy Autumn + EOTD

Messy Hair in Autumn

I took this photograph this morning, on my way to work. I’m guilty of getting another MAC quad yesterday evening (so I had to use it!), as I was in MAC chasing after the elusive Mauvement Pigment for my friend PinchyPeach.

Eyeshadow Quad - Sumptuous Olive, Retrospek, Espresso, and Contrast

So here’s an EOTD (or an attempt at one). The colours are not very visible here – thanks to the cloudy weather.

Perhaps a closer look might help? I actually forgot to apply mascara as I was rushing out to stop by the post office. So it’s not really complete.

I’m using MAC’s Powerpoint Eye Pencil in “Prussian”. It’s a beautiful navy blue.

Contrast, Sumptuous Olive, and Espresso

I haven’t been up to much – yoga on Monday, Norsk lesson on Tuesday, gym today (probably going to try out a Pilates class), Norsk lesson tomorrow and hopefully gym or baking on Friday. I’ve taken on some new tasks at work so I’m a bit motivated as I get to write a bit more. Let’s see how these tasks go.

Last Sunday I watched The American – it’s a different kind of movie, a little bit like A Single Man where the story revolves around on main character and there are very, very few side characters – and they all relate to this ONE guy. The characterization is quite similar, but that is where it ends. The American is about an assassin – or at least who I think the main character, Jack/Edward is. The story unfolds in a slightly slow manner, so you get a very ‘artsy’ feeling. The best part of the movie is the cinematography – Italy at it’s best. A small town, little cafes and bars… *sigh* If you haven’t been to Italy, this movie will make you want to take the next flight there. That’s how gorgeous it is picturized. Although the movie is marketed as a thriller, it is not really a thriller. It’s about this one assassin and his struggle to survive.

I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend. Maybe I’ll get a stack of Indian movie DVDs to keep me company – the bf is traveling in October for a few days so it’s a good time to watch soppy, drama-filled Indian movies that I love and hate the same time 🙂


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  1. Cool! I love what you did with it 🙂 The colors look great on your skin tone and your application is great too! 😀 And I really like your hair! 🙂

    • Aww thanks for the compliments. I was watching a blending video by Pixiwoo the night before, that’s why the blending looks neater. Hehehe, I’m still learning. Honestly my hair requires a bit of maintenance so if it looks good in the photo, it’s pure luck 🙂

    • Thanks Shamini 🙂 I am in love with those colours that I have to force myself to use other shadows instead of these.

      Hm, there is a somewhat full face photo on Twitter 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, it’s taken me awhile to be relaxed enough to post photos on my blog.

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