Cold Weather and Shopping Detox

The weather has been a little up and down now that Summer has ended. In fact we’re in Mid Autumn now and I still keep hoping for more sunlight – though that’s not going to happen until end of December.

I’m trying to console myself about the cold by looking through my wardrobe and pulling out all the nice sweaters I have (I have A LOT of sweaters) and wearing a different one each day. Yes, I know a few people who actually do wear the same sweater a few days in a row. It’s not dirty or anything, it’s just that these people are not really into fashion and their idea of clothing is comfortable and functional. It’s actually difficult to live in cold climate if you’re fashion conscious because winter clothing is not cheap – and wanting to have different kinds of winter clothing is akin to shooting yourself in the foot, financially.

Take your typical winter jacket for example. If you want something with 50% wool or more (you need some wool or it won’t keep you warm enough) you have to be willing to part with approximately 1000NOK. That’s about 525MYR. I also need variety – like a black coat and maybe a blue or a brown one to go with brown shoes. So you get my point – winter jackets are not cheap. I do have some coats that I have accumulated in the past 3.5 years and they are quite helpful. But two of them need to be thrown out as they are quite old and don’t fit as well as they used to.

That’s another problem with jackets – the fit has to be good. I have slightly long arms and broad shoulders (swimming at the age of 12 might not have been a very good idea), so some coats from Esprit fit me really well, but other coats (like the beautiful ones in Zara and Mango) don’t exactly fit me. The shoulder is fine but the waist is too big so it adds a bit of bulk. If you’re curvy (*cough* FAT *cough*) like me, the last thing you want is the added bulk. So I’ve resorted to getting jackets from Dorothy Perkins (during my trip to Malaysia last year) and United Colors of Benetton (during a trip to Berlin in 2008). But I could use a few more coats since you end up wearing them for a good 5 months – every single day.

Oh and don’t get me started on shoes – I swear by Timberland but my current pair is already 1 winter old. These shoes get a lot of wear during winter (and if you’re walking on gravel, they wear out even quicker) so they normally don’t last more than 2 winters.

I also need some new pairs of jeans – the thing about jeans is that they either go out of shape (read: lose waist) or they start to not fit perfectly anymore. Perfect fitting jeans is essential for comfort I believe. I hate having to keep pulling my jeans up or having those gathers that show up when you wear a belt that is a bit tight on your lose jeans. I wear jeans every single day to work – unless I feel like wearing slacks some days – so to me a good pair of jeans is an investment piece 😉

I’m tired of wearing cardigans. I want to wear different kinds of sweaters: striped, longer ones, turtlenecks, turtlenecks with zippers, etc. but they are not easy to find here. They’re also way more expensive than the usual boring ones.

So now I’m wondering how to get a new jacket, new pair of winter shoes, some nice pairs of jeans – and still be able to travel in November. The solution? Shopping detox. I’m going to be good and use up all my old clothing for the next 4 weeks then buy new stuff during my vacation. The goal is to go to the gym when I feel like shopping – because most shops close at 6 or 7 pm here so it’s not quite possible to go shopping and go to the gym in the same evening. I’ll let you know how I survive – I think I will survive because I did something similar in August 2009 when I wanted to go to Copenhagen. I managed to save up enough money for my expenses there just by not buying anything unnecessary for a full month.

So here’s to shopping detox! *Clinks glass of water with all of you*


3 responses

  1. You’re doing good, Fieran! Good girl! 🙂 I agree with you about the winter jackets, those are hard to come by 🙂 I have three black wool coats that I like, I’m going to try and go out of my comfort zone and pick up a different colour for once 😀

    Very good idea with the gym instead of shopping trick! 😉

    • Hehe, I need to have _some_ obsession so if it’s not shopping it has to be something else.

      I seem to gravitate toward black coats too! I’m hoping to find a non-black one soon 🙂

      Hope you’re having a good vacation! *HUG*

  2. u can do it! thats a really good idea thou, work out and save 😉 hopefully u can save up to go nuts on shopping! it looks like u need a forever 21 in your life 😉 ahah but i agree, winter/cold weathers are not cool! i dont hink ive seen the sun all day this week so far 😦

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