The Palette ;)

This is my small collection – not all but most of my favourites.

The Palette


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    • Wow good guess. I was going to name them but then I got a bit lazy. Hehe. Blackberry, Folie, Greensmoke and Humid are correct.

      The beiges I have are: Ricepaper, Grain (it’s like the first colour I bought a good 3 years ago), Retrospek, then there’s Espresso, Woodwinked and Mulch in the more brown shades. The blue shade is Contrast and the blackish one is Nehru. I haven’t used Nehru or Greensmoke properly yet – just played around with them. Last row middle fellow (hey that rhymes!) is Beauty Marked, beautiful purple shimmer with black undertone. The one above it is 100 strokes, also a great crease/outer corner colour but I think it is LE, I got it off e-Bay.

    • 1st row: Grain, Ricepaper, Woodwinked, Mulch, Greensmoke
      2nd row: Espresso, Saturnal (LE), 100 Strokes (LE), Cranberry, Humid
      3rd row: Blackberry, Folie, Beauty Marked, Contrast, Nehru

      There you go 🙂

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