Currywurst: The Secret is in The Sauce

Was ist Currywurst? (Translation: What is Currywurst, in German)

Currywurst is German street food popular all over Germany. It’s kind of like the Ramlee Burger in Malaysia or the Pølse in Norway. In my trips to Germany (twice to Konstanz & Überlingen and twice to Berlin) I have only eaten it once. This is because the bf didn’t think I would like streetfood and we have to be careful which types of sausages I can eat as most of them are made from a mix of pork and beef … yours truly does not eat beef for religious reasons.

I’ve been thinking about Berlin lately – I sometimes start missing cities I’ve been to or spent some time in and then I crave the food I had there. Hence, the Currywurst craving.

I figured “How hard could it be to make it?” and found this recipe for the sauce. Looks like the secret is in the sauce as according to the German bf, the sauce is very accurate but the sausages were not “the brown kind” that they normally use. You can lie about a lot of things to a German, but you _cannot_ lie about sausages. They know their sausages (and beer).

To me this is as authentic as it gets. Having lived away from home for awhile now, I’ll take what I can get 🙂 As they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

Traditional Currywurst is not served with bread, but I thought it would be weird to just have sausages topped with sauce and sprinkled with curry powder. Interestingly, authentic Indian curry powder does not go well with this dish, you need the European curry powder sold at the supermarkets. Something like this one below as it has the authentic orange tinge that Currywurst usually has.

Santa Maria Curry Powder

OK, enough about the details, let’s look at the dish itself 🙂

A Modified Version of Currywurst


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