Nails: China Glaze Midnight Mission

I used to bite my nails – for many, many years. I remember my Mother telling me “Don’t bite your nails” repeatedly but I never listened 😉 Even when I was in university I’d bite my nails. They’d be short, stubby, and quite soft actually.

The past few years, I’ve stopped biting them. I’m not sure how or why – I don’t remember making any conscious effort to not bite them. I guess I must have found another outlet to let out my stress.

Being a tech writer, a lot of people look at my hands – like when they stand next to your desk at work in my office (I’m spoiled, I have my own office at work and it’s the best thing for days when you want to be a bit anti-social) and tell me what to write. I get a bit nervous and uncomfortable if my hands look ugly. I have four different kinds of hand cream in my little box at work to help with the cold weather and also to have pretty hands. Hey these hands are the source of my income, I have to take care of them (this is also the reason why I’m terrified of snow sports – what if I fracture my hand?!?!).

Anyway, my point is I have come a long way from geeky-girl-who-bit-her-nails. I actually know how to use nail polish now 🙂

Here’s a Nail of the Day (NOTD) picture:

China Glaze Midnight Mission

I love China Glaze nail polish – but I only have two of them: Midnight Mission and Zombie Zest.

I’m trying to be a little bit more daring and confident in posting more pictures of looks and stuff, let’s see how that goes 🙂


9 responses

  1. ME likey this color. I love OPI colors, maybe coz you can’t find China Glaze nail polishes here unless you get it shipped. And yes you totally should post up pictures of looks etc!

    • Yeah, OPI is nice but in Norway it is overpriced. I have started purchasing nail polishes online. China Glaze is 2.99 USD and I find it hard to resist. This one I got from e-Bay at 4 USD I think. China Glaze is sold here at 99NOK (17 USD) per bottle and it’s the permanent collection, not the limited edition ones.

    • I’m broody, hence the dark colours. Hehehe, I do own a lime green but it’s finishing. Maybe I should pick up something more vibrant soon. Today I’m wearing MAC’s Rain of’s a beautiful aubergine purple that has micro glitter so at first glance it’s just purple but when there’s direct light on it, you see these little flashes of glitter. Ah, I love this bottle and I’m going to be sad when it finishes.

      • Yeah, it is sad. I’m contemplating being good though, and using up the current colours I have though I am itching to get more nail colours as all of a sudden, it has become easy to paint my nails. I have no idea why – I used to take a good hour sometimes but now I can switch nail colours in 30 minutes while watching something on the computer. I think I’m having a good beauty month..hahaha.

  2. ahaha nicee, i know what u mean. its like an urge when u see them and are like ** LOL but damn woman, ur fast! i still have to look at mine to do them.

    i think you are indeed! hehe hopefully more pic from u pretty lady 😉

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