A bit of a Rant

When did some people stop being nice?

I walked into a plastic bin the other day and I said “Oh, I thought this bin is normally on that side” and then some guy responded “Is this how you drive a car as well?” and he mimicked me “Oh, I thought this is normally on that side”.

So I was a bit irritated and responded “I just walked into a bin, OK?” and I just walked off.

Wow, so that’s the reaction you get when you knock yourself these days. What happened to “Are you OK?” or the more informal version “You OK?” That’s usually my first reaction when I notice somebody knocking into something.

Disney’s animated film Bambi had a very nice saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”


8 responses

  1. Sigh. Some people are just like that. It’s a million times worse here. Or perhaps he was using dry humour on you? Obviously it wasn’t funny.

    • I don’t know – I got really pissed off when he tried to switch around to a woman-driving joke, you know? I wasn’t in pain or anything as it was a plastic bin – but some gentlemanly-ness would have been nice.

  2. Ack, that was just unnecessary. Creates bad vibes at the work place – not good! If we all treated each other as we’d have them treat us, I think we’d be a much more peaceful species 🙂

    • So true. It was just weird, but I also found out from other people that ‘some guy’ is always like that so I kind of let it slide. I don’t think he’ll give me any more crap – but if he does, then I’ll definitely tell him off or pretend he doesn’t exist 🙂 Ah, such strange people in this world.

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