Look What I found in Oslo!

Living in Oslo is wonderful – you get to experience four seasons of weather, you live a well-balanced life, you can drink water straight from the tap (and it tastes really good), you can actually rely on public transport (because the buses/trams/trains are usually prompt), you can justify purchase of higher end products (because the price difference is much smaller – e.g. 89 NOK for drugstore brand nail polish, 125 NOK for MAC nail polish), and so on.

But the one challenge (apart from slipping and falling on ice) when it comes to living in Oslo is that you cannot always get all the products you read about.

In Summer, KarenMBB wrote about two products:

  1. EOS Evolution of Smooth Shave Cream
  2. TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

I was really keen on trying out these products as let’s just say being Indian I have a lot of hair issues – partly due to the fact that I have a lot of hair. Oh wait, that’s TMI. But my point is that a good shave cream is hard to come by – and if you like blow drying or flat ironing your hair (I have no choice but choose either of these tools as I have moody hair) then a good heat protectant spray is a lifesaver.

I didn’t think I could get these products here so I had them on my “Must-Consider-Buying” list until yesterday I stumbled upon the EOS Shave Cream in Cubus. Score! Of course, me being me, I couldn’t walk out of the shop with just 1 product [it’s a childhood affliction, I’m in love with the number 2 and always want 2 things instead of one – seriously] so I also got the EOS Hand & Body Lotion. I am addicted to moisturizers because I finish a bottle each month so I’m always stocking up. One of these days I will show you my collection (more like stock) of body moisturizers 🙂

Then, yesterday evening, while rushing into the supermarket nearby (ICA), I saw TREsemme! What are the odds? I have never seen this brand in Oslo before. They didn’t have the Heat Tamer spray that KarenMBB mentioned, but they did have the Heat Protectant Spray. I guess it must be the same product just branded differently for Europe – that’s what I think at least. So, I picked up the Heat Protectant Spray…and the Mousse. Again, the love for number 2.

Here’s a photo of my mini haul:


*Happy sigh* I’m so glad these products exist in Oslo. I don’t have to feel left out anymore 🙂

P/s – I have only tried the EOS Hand & Body lotion so far and it’s wonderful. I applied some on my hand before I spent a good hour in the cold and rainy city last night. I have very sensitive hands that peel in the cold. With this lotion on and without gloves, my hands were fine the whole time I was out. I might have to get another bottle soon.


8 responses

  1. SCORE! I love it when u find stuff that u weren’t sure that was sold in ur area 🙂 thats awesome hun! 😀

    ooo lucky, ur public transport is awesome, toronto makes me cry inside everytime cuz the subway system could be so much better! new yorks subway system is like heaven compared to t.o 😦

    aw, u slip on ice too? ahahah i always walk over snow if i have the option, ice is painful ;_;

    • Hehe, yes I slip on ice almost every year – but proper shoes definitely helps prevent it. There’s always ice here because it snows, then it melts and it snows again on top of the ice :/

  2. Glad you found them! They’re releasing them in Norway now. Just don’t get the Syoss brand, they have identical design as Tresemme but entirely different formulas.

    I use the heat tamer, and like it lots. It was on 3 for 2 at Boots, so I got the smoothening heat protectant too, that’s supposed to make your hair remember how it felt being smooth – hehe. I don’t know how my hair feels, but it seems to be protected from heat. I also love the extra hold hair spray.

    Oh, and nice to hear about the hand cream! Always looking for a good one, what with washing/desinfecting my hands about 200 times per shift.

    • Yeah, it was so strange to see the brand as this was in a teeny tiny ICA. I regularly shop at a larger branch and had not seen it before. Ah, so the hair spray is good? Hmm 🙂 I’ll get that next time. Why don’t they have 3 for 2 here? 🙂 I guess only the pharmacies do.

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  4. Omg! You’re so lucky:) I live in Oslo too! And i have never found TREsemmé, even though i look for it like everywhere.. 😦 Another brand I cannot seem to find is Aussie, well the purple aussie products anyway.. *sadface* haha, but thanks, im gonna go look at ICA now 🙂 wish me luck haha x

    • Hi Selma,

      You can also get TREsemmé at Meny supermarkets. All “Vita” and “Cubus” shops have the Aussie haircare range. Some weeks the deals are pretty good. Another option is the Kicks shop at Storo Storsenter.

      Good luck 🙂

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