San Francisco – The Photograph Edition

For details on which places I visited during my trip to San Francisco, refer to the earlier post here.

This is the San Francisco Cable Car. Although it looks all nice and harmless, when you sit in it and the vehicle is going down a steep hill – it is as fun as a roller coaster. Seriously! I was a bit nervous in there, despite not really being a person who’s *that* afraid of roller coasters.

San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco Cable Car

More Busy Cable Car

We drove to Monterey to see the Aquarium. This Aquarium is located in Cannery Row actually, which is the place that John Steinbeck wrote about. So, you see posters of him all over the area.

View from Cannery Row

View from Cannery Row 2

View from Cannery Row 3

We wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and kept trying to go there on two different days but it was cloudy on one day, on another day it rained (Perfect for shopping!). Luckily the day before we left, the weather cleared up and we got to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s not possible to get good photos while you’re on the bridge so we were looking for a good lookout point from where I could take some nice photos. My uncle let us in on a secret lookout point and I managed to get some nice photographs there 🙂

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Secret Lookout Point

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Secret Lookout Point 2

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Secret Lookout Point 3

I always take nice photos of the bf – he even uses some of them for his Profile pictures at conferences and such. But for some reason, I never seem to like the photos he takes of me. I guess I’m just too critical about myself. But here’s a photo, nevertheless. This is my attempt to do the narrowed eye look – I just end up looking weird 🙂


In my earlier post I raved about a French Cafe in Little Italy right? La Boulange? They have amazing French Toast and here’s what it looks like:

La Boulange French Toast

The bread had a delicious custard-like taste. It’s hard to describe but “custard” is the closest description I can think of. It was amazing. We had this on our last day there where we just walked around the city and tried to get as much exercise (and sunlight) as possible before our long flight back home.

Around the city, the apartments looked just like the ones I saw on FRIENDS as a child:

Classic Apartments

The emergency exit staircase is so cool.

A friend + former colleague took us out to lunch at Kanpai, Palo Alto and we had this Lunch Set which was a Bento box with Teriyaki chicken, some sushi and some salad. It was so tasty. If you’re around Palo Alto and craving sushi or just Japanese food in general, now you know where to go 🙂

Lunch at Kanpai

If you can’t tell by now, I love French Toast.

French Toast at Honey Honey

This was at Honey Honey, a very cool breakfast place that has a huge menu you feel like eating everything. We were there twice because we really wanted to try more of the items on the menu. I wonder if I can challenge myself to have breakfast there every day on my next trip to San Francisco? I might win but I might also return a fatty 🙂

The bf had the Pecan and Banana Pancakes. I stole a few of the pecans as I have a soft for caramelized pecans. *Daydreams about Pecan Pie*

Pecan and Banana Pancakes at Honey Honey

I didn’t take that many photographs..I’m not even sure why. Just didn’t feel like it. I think I was quite overwhelmed by the size of the city and how many nice places/things there were to see. In fact, this is my only vacation so far where I came back with regrets like “I should have bought that!” or “I should have gone to that restaurant” or “How come we didn’t visit that spot?” .. you know. I’ve never had this feeling before.

So, I’ll definitely go back to San Francisco someday. Maybe this time I will be a bit more organized and visit the places I didn’t get to visit 🙂


5 responses

    • You want _more_ pics? 🙂 Hehehe. I’ll put them up soon. Just need to add some description and such. I usually take 2-3 of the same photo to pick the best, that selection process takes time.

  1. I am still looking to perfect the art of making French Toast. The best I’ve tasted was during my stay at The Hilton in Malmo, Sweden. I had it for breakfast every single day for about 2 weeks! And I never got tired of it.

    And ooo, I’ve always thought those things are called trams instead of cable cars. My idea of cable cars are gondolas suspended in mid-air by a thick wire rope.

    How much do the rides cost?

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