City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

You must be thinking “Ah, there she goes again, talking about San Francisco”.

Sorry guys, I’m trying to cling to my post-vacation high as the temperature and darkness in Norway can sometimes make me depressed.

There’s a bookstore in San Francisco known as City Lights. According to the Lonely Planet guide, this is the oldest bookstore in the city. The website for the bookstore says it is more than half a century old. I’ve always loved bookstores and I’ve worked in one for a few months after finishing high school.

Located near Little Italy, this bookstore is a must see. It’s not huge but filled with many shelves crammed with wonderful books. Despite having a Kindle, I couldn’t resist buying a few books here.

Here are the books I got:

Gaudi: A Biography

Lost Flamingoes of Bombay

The Gaudi Biography’s image is borrowed from while the Lost Flamingoes of Bombay image is borrowed from

I’ve always wanted to read about Gaudi as I yearn to go to Barcelona someday. I figured if I could read this book (it’s not light reading) I will definitely book a trip to Barcelona 🙂


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