Nails: MAC Imperial Flower

MAC Imperial Flower is a wicked orange. I never thought I would actually buy, let alone wear this nail varnish as I’m usually the dull-colour-lover. I always wear blacks, blues, greys, dark greens, dark purples, etc. on a day-to-day basis but for some reason I really liked the whole range of the Fall/Winter nail collection by MAC (Temptalia wrote about it here) and since I couldn’t get my hands on Earthly Harmony, I figured I’ll get Imperial Flower instead.

Here’s how it looks on me (I call it my “Walk on the wild side” nail colour):

MAC Imperial Flower

If you look closer, you can see my nail line – this is three coats and it is not 100% opaque – but I don’t really mind because nobody is going to look so closely at my hands anyway.


4 responses

    • Aww thanks. Took a bit of guts to put it on. When I first got it I wore it for a few hours and then chickened out. This time I have it on for more than 24 hours already.

      Yes, that is my wall. I live in an apartment owned by a friend of mine who is brilliant and has a great eye for colour. So he painted his place in green, red, and blue. It’s quite funky. One of these days I’ll show you a photo of the place šŸ˜‰ Promise.

  1. I just used the bulbs that came with it by default. They’re soft white light bulbs. Daylight bulbs or full spectrum bulbs which are suppose to emulate actual daylight are actually WAY more brighter/harsher than soft white light bulbs. So if you want light bulbs that aren’t harsher, you should check out the soft white light bulbs, also, try using a lower wattage bulb.

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