I’ve Been Unwell…

I don’t like writing about negative stuff on my blog as I only like to write happy thoughts in my blog. However, this blasted cold that I picked up last week… it has ruined so much of my plans :/

It started last Wednesday when I woke up feeling very weak, drained, with a headache. I thought it was PMS so I took a sick day and rested at home. I thought I’d get better but I only got worse. My throat started to hurt and my nose was acting up. Thursday, I had a full blown cold, sneezing and feeling really, really sick. Friday the fever kicked in, making me to totally useless. Saturday the fever remained and I started coughing on Saturday night. Sunday I was coughing even more but the fever was slowly going away. Monday I had to go to the Doctor as I had already taken 3 sick days consecutively for work – you can’t take more than that without a Doctor’s letter.

At the Doctors’ they took a blood test – turns out it is a virus that’s causing it. I’ve been prescribed cough mixture and 5 days sick leave. So I’ve been at home, feeling really weird and out of sorts. The world is moving on without me and I’m just here, trying to get better. I am much better than I was last week but I just don’t have much energy for some reason and food doesn’t taste like food at all. Everything just tastes bland even though I know those dishes are normally not bland.

Being sick is horrible. Being sick for so many days is also horrible. The Bf convinced me to step out of the house yesterday, go for a walk and such. I had to anyway as I was running out of essentials like shower cream and such so I had to stock up. It was the right thing to do – get some fresh air and walk in -12 C to reacquaint myself with the weather again.

I’m still bummed out though. I had to miss my work Christmas Party which was last Friday, despite having bought a nice blouse for that dinner.

I guess the thing I’m most upset about is all my messed up plans. There were so many things I had wanted to do last weekend and all of them had to be shelved. I don’t like it when my plans go awry, I feel like I’m not in control then :/

Oh well, I hope I feel better by the end of this week. Would be nice to get back into the swing of things again.

So there, that’s why I’m a little quiet and have not been commenting on your blogs, etc 🙂


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  1. Poor you. 😦 I know how it sucks to be sick esp in winter. Load up on organic honey + lemon warm drinks. And oh, Chinese style porridge/congee with a drizzle of sesame oil does wonders too.

    • Hm I don’t know how to make Chinese style porridge 😦 And nobody sells the kueh to put on top also 😦

      Yes, being sick in winter is like jatuh ditimpa tangga lah. I’ve been drinking this German herbal tea for cough – it works wonders on my poor throat. But I also have to take cough mixture which does not taste good.

      I’ll live, though 🙂

      • Chinese porridge is easy. Just dump 1/2 cup of rice, lots of water, (i’d say 4-5 times more than if you were making rice) and let it cook using the rice cooker. Check from time to time to stir so it doesnt burn. Or else use the stovetop, but tiny fire. Chuck in anything you want, my hubs loves salmon chunks, but I like minced meat. If you have dried scallops/oysters even better. Chuck in minced garlic, lots of ginger, and soy sauce, and must put sesame oil. And white pepper. Top with lots of chopped scallions. I dont have yau char kuey here either, so I just substitute with lots of fried shallots. If you want a nice silky texture to the porridge, soak the rice for about 2 hours prior to cooking.

  2. Awww poor you, take it easy babe. Get plenty of rest, take your meds and just enjoy your 5 days MC la. Was just going to ask you, do you have to show like a MC to your boss if you take 1-2 days off? Or it only applies for 3 days and above?

    • In Norway you get 3 days of your own sick days. As in if you’re unwell, you can skip 3 consecutive days of work without anybody asking you anything. But if you need more days (or if you take Wed-Fri and the weekend you’re still not well – they count weekends too) then you have to see a doctor and get MC. Otherwise, if the doctor thinks you’re fit to go back to work, then you have to go back to work. I didn’t think I’d get anymore MCs after skipping 3 days of work and then the weekend, but the doctor gave me 5 days (1 full week). I was really surprised but now I’m glad as it gave me enough time to rest. Feeling much better now, went back to work today.

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