Sorry, I’ve been MIA

I haven’t really blogged in the past few days as I’m not feeling awesome. I’m not sick or anything, I just feel a bit bummed out by a few events and have to many thoughts on my mind:

  • A beauty product company misquoted my blog post and made it seem like I was endorsing their product. When I first found out I was mildly surprised and thought I’d laugh it off but as I read their post, I realized that I was being misquoted and it seemed like I was endorsing their product. So, I guess I won’t be reviewing much products anymore from now on as I realise I don’t want to have a beauty blog – just a normal journal style one where I can write anything I like. I got them to remove their blog post – but the disappointment remains. Kind of makes me very apprehensive about what I blog. Another thing I realized is that I probably should start watermarking my images and putting up a Disclaimer to scare away people with little knowledge of blogger rights and ownership.
  • I’m having a hard time finding a new foundation – I know, this sounds really shallow but I have to apply good makeup to go to work, I deal with a lot of people everyday and my confidence comes from looking good. I’m really keen to try out a different type of foundation, preferably one without silicone and such but it’s just impossible to find. The one store that might carry it has moved to a much smaller premise and I don’t think they will have that brand anymore. TheΒ  other mainstream makeup stores here just do not have a shade that matches my skin tone. I tried to talk to their customer service representative about it hoping I could convince them to order my shades – but we were just going around in circles. They ended up recommending me the very brand that I am using right now – and I just felt so disappointed with the lack of service as I used to shop in that store very often. I also used to buy gift cards for my female friends from that store. Now my only option is to buy something that might work on one of my travels. Did I mention this store did not want to give me samples to try out, either?
  • I also found out that some companies will not ship nail polishes to where I live – as they are flammable. Wow, that is news to me πŸ™‚
  • I’m in the process of seeing a doctor to figure out my skin – I would love to have clearer skin so I have to work towards that.
  • I’ve been trying to up my gym frequency and intensity with hopes of losing weight. It’s working to a certain extent but it’s not easy.
  • I’m trying to figure out my career path and see what is it I really want to do. Being a tech writer is awesome but it’s such a specialized, niche type of job that it can be very frustrating when you’re stagnant. One thing I do know is that I really, really want to write. Beyond that, I’m not sure.
  • It seems I need 250 hours of language lessons to qualify for a PR here. So I have to work towards that. I have about 42 hours accumulated so far.
  • I’m a little homesick – I normally don’t like to admit this because I know I made the decision to move and live here, etc… but it sucks that every year I have to plan how much time I can spend with my family where they live and such. It’s kind of difficult to say “I can only spend 18 days with you guys this visit”.. you know? I feel very heartless saying that. I have 3 very, very cute nieces and 1 small nephew as well and it really sucks to not be able to be around them and such. I guess that’s the price of being an expatriate. You’re not quite here – not quite there. The more you live away from home, the more your personality changes and eventually you’re not exactly who you thought you were anymore – if that makes any sense.

I don’t know – this year has started out in a very strange manner. I’m optimistic that things will look up – but for now I’m going to be a little bit more quiet I guess πŸ™‚


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  1. awww, dw everything will workout πŸ™‚ just stay positive…srsli think abt it, u have made so many friends where u r now and u hav ur own life…and im sure ur gorgous without foundation πŸ™‚ Drinking lots of water and eating raw veggies and fruits does wonders to ur skin, this is from my experience πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time, dear! Homesickness must be a hard thing to work through when living so far from your family – I guess it will always be a part of you. and perhaps if you moved back to live with them, you might miss your life here? πŸ™‚


  3. Come back home soon! That ought to cheer you up being with family and even if it’s for a short time, it’s better than none. Anyway, me thinkz its kinda cool that a beauty product picked up on your review, but they shoulda given you credit for it. Just continue blogging on what makes you happy. But yes, if you must, then just watermark your photos and put a disclaimer at the bottom that you’re not endorsing the product, like other beauty bloggers πŸ™‚ Have a fab weekend babe.

    • It’s cool that they picked it up – under different circumstances, if they had asked and stuff – I’d have been thrilled. What happened was that they qouted me (in another language) and since I understand that language a little, I realized it could sound like I am endorsing the product. They also wrote that I’m from another country, not Malaysia. I have ot start watermarking I guess.. just takes more time that way.

      Yes, I’ve booked my tickets to Malaysia – 30th March till 13th April πŸ™‚ Hope to meet up with you if you’re free then.

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