Käsespätzle, or directly translated, Cheese Noodles is a form of pasta/noodle originating from Germany (around that area actually because people from Austria, Switzerland, etc. eat it too).

The bf (who is Southern German) makes his own Spätzle from time to time using a special mould (hopper). This afternoon we saw pre-made Spätzle at a delicatessen store and picked it up just to try it out.

The packet came with a Käsespätzle recipe on it – so we tried to make it for dinner. Here’s what it looked like:



Here’s the recipe we used:

  1. Boil Spätzle till al dente
  2. Caramelize 2 whole onions (sliced thinly) with butter (I added a bit of olive oil to keep the butter from burning)
  3. Grate Emmental cheese and set aside
  4. Pre-heat the oven to 150 C
  5. Grease the base of a casserole dish with butter or cooking spray
  6. Coat the base of the casserole dish with breadcrumb
  7. Layer Spätzle, grated cheese, white pepper and caramelized onions – until you run out of ingredients
  8. Bake until cheese on the upper layer melts and browns

We ate the dish with a quick salad of lettuce, blackberries, tomatoes and some Raspberry flavoured vinegar.

So what does it taste like? It tastes like pasta, but a lighter version of it – if that makes any sense? If you ever get the chance to eat Spätzle, do try it as it’s quite tasty.


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