What’s the weather like these days?

Snowy Days

It’s been cold, slightly sunny but quite snowy lately. Honestly, all I can think of is Spring. I cannot wait to ditch my snow shoes for wedge heeled boots or just plain comfortable sneakers.

The photograph on the left is what it looks like when it is snowing. Snow is beautiful when it is fresh and white – but a day or two later it turns into gray slush that soaks into your jeans. Not a pretty sight.

Nevertheless, I sometimes I wish I could bottle up snow and send some over to my little niece (she’s 6+, just started school this year) to show her what real snow is like. I once showed her some photographs a few years ago when she was 4 I think, and since then she always asks me about snow. Perhaps someday she will be able to see snow for herself – in real life. I know when my younger sister saw snow for the first time, she was elated.
Lots have been happening on this end, hence the silence on this blog. The bf and I went to Berlin last weekend and it was heaps of fun, hence the Berlin tribute post. We have this “tradition” where we travel for our birthday. Sometimes we let our friends who live in that city know that we are around and spontaneously meet up for coffee or dinner. It’s always nice to meet up with old friends. You know your friendship is special when you can pick up right where you left off and talk for hours.


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    • YES! The other day I wore a sweater with laser cut holes in it. It was not very warm but I had my huge down jacket so I wasn’t cold. But I wore the jacket because I wanted to tell Winter “Take this! I’m wearing a Spring sweater :)”.

  1. OMG you’re so right about snow being beautiful only when it’s just fallen on the ground. All the foot traffic and vehicular traffic make it a dull, grey slush that is so unappealing.

    • Yeahhh 😦 Slush is so sad looking. Snow isn’t bad at all. I had the ice most though..there’s little gravel being placed on the streets near where I live and it’s so difficult to walk on the ice. I haven’t fallen yet this year and I hope to maintain it that way 🙂

    • Yes, I think my niece would be beaming happily. Sigh, some day when she is old enough to travel alone, I am so sending her a flight ticket 🙂 She’s my first niece (my cousin’s daughter) so I have a soft spot for her. She was born when I was 20 years old so she’s 7 this year and has just started primary school.

      The snow in jeans situation is so uncomfortable. When I first moved to Oslo I had no washing machine in my apartment – not even a shared one – so I had to handwash all my clothes during the weekend. Hand washing jeans was the worst thing ever.

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