Trying to be an Adult

It has been life as usual. I don’t really have much to report 🙂

It’s intriguing how life changes sometimes. I used to go to work at 9.30-10am every day but lately with this new job being so much closer to my apartment, I’ve been stepping into the office at 8.20am most days; even 8am some days. It’s such a different feeling because I finish at 4 something and have so much of the day left to do stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? Well, stuff like going to the gym, reading, watching movies, eating dinner early (the eat-carbs-before-8-pm-thingie used to be so hard), cleaning and of course sleeping early…all these make such a difference.

A few months ago, I hurt my toe. I had tendonitis on my toe and honestly it hurt quite a bit. Walking hurt and putting weight on that part of my foot hurt. I was a bit relieved when the prescribed medication worked, but I am really not a fan of popping pills so once the pain was gone, I stopped taking the medication. Of course the pain returned when I went for Interval Spinning classes. So, about two weeks before going on vacation, I stopped going to the gym. It was a tough decision but I really, really wanted my toe to heal. When you live away from home and you have to go to work and do day-to-day life stuff, sitting around and winging about pain in your foot is definitely not the most adult thing to do 🙂 If I was living with my parents, it would have been nice to be fussed over. But, oh well. So, in an effort to suck it up, I started researching tendonitis and read that it can heal with proper rest and proper shoes.

Alas, I splurged and bought a pair of Nike LunarEclipse+ Women’s Running Shoe as it was recommended to me at a running specialist store. I wore this pair of shoes for most of my vacation and I am still wearing it a few days a week to work (that’s the best part about working in the technology field – casual dress code). I must say this pair of shoes have definitely reduced the impact and improved stability for my feet. My toe is definitely healing, though I do feel a bit of discomfort from time to time but it’s nowhere near the pain I was having a few months back.

So which shoes are these?

Nike LunarEclipse+ Women's Running Shoe

Image borrowed from

I believe the beauty of this shoe is not in it’s appearance but actually in its soul sole. There’s something about the Lunarlon sole that makes the shoe so comfortable to wear. I have worn them for a full day with no discomfort at all. So if you’re looking for a good pair of shoes for walking around or for traveling, I’d recommend this pair or anything with Nike Lunarlon soles. I have since picked up another pair of shoes with the same sole for the gym. It definitely makes my feet feel better.

I’m itching to travel. What’s new, huh 🙂 I’m always itching to travel. I think I have wanderlust permanently. So hoping my travel plans will materialize. For now I shall wait and see.

I hope you guys are having a good weekend and will have a wonderful week ahead!


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  1. I’m very glad your foot is feeling better, babe! 🙂 Sometimes we’ve got to bite the apple and ditch the pretty-shoes for the sensible-shoes. It’s hard though 😛 Your trainers do look really cool.

    I shall hope a travel-wish for you, dear!

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