A Few Days Ago…

I got paid. My first real salary after starting my new job. It was a really nice feeling. Traditionally, I go out and buy myself something expensive, totally not worth the money, just for the fun of it. Of course the newer tradition is to take the bf out to dinner. Seeing as the bf was traveling this time, I bought myself my favourite Thai dish at my favourite takeout place, along with two magazines and actually came home. I sat on the couch, ate my yummy meal and read my magazines like a good girl.

Now the reason why I was so good, is because of this:

The Damage

The USD has been slightly cheaper than usual so in an effort to help their economy, I took one for the team, and did some “investment”. Don’t hate 🙂

P/s – No boyfriends were hurt on this trip.
P/p/s – Some of these items are via B2M and also on some crazy sales online 🙂 You wouldn’t believe the bargains.


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  1. First of all I think it’s sad that you feel like you have to defend yourself for hauling a little, I don’t think you should. You work for your money, and should be able to spend a little without feeling guilty! Second of all I love your haul, love love love! I see you have some more Deborah Lippmann there, which ones did you get? 🙂

    • Hehe, my siblings read my blog from time to time, and before I know it, news will spread to the Mothership 🙂

      Good to hear that you like the stuff. Now you know why I was debating whether I should get a second YSL or not. I got Lady Sings The Blues, Bad Romance, Fashion, Purple Rain, Wicked Game and a Top Coat. I’ve been using her nail polishes and they put a lot of other brands to shame.

      • Heh, I know all about the Mothership! I used to get questions about my (unnecessary) hauls all the time, but that was before. She might have given up. 😉

        Lady Sings the Blues are so amazing. I think it’s one of the most gorgeous polishes I’ve ever seen! I’ve heard several people praising these polishes lately, so I might try to get my hands on a few more later on. 🙂 I’m so anxious for Mr. Postman to stop by my door, you have no idea….

        Will you do more detailed posts on your items?

      • I’d love to. The problem is I live in an apartment with almost no natural light. Photography is quite tricky actually. Hence why I have no swatches, etc. I should make more effort though.

        I wore Dogon today with Constructivist as a base. It looks so much more greener on me. Quite strange actually. Strange in a good way. I was worried it would turn out to be normal taupe.

        I’ll try to write about these items OK? 🙂 Especially the Guerlain shadows that S so kindly hunted down for me. They were quite difficult to find.

  2. Great hauls! Your shoes look so comfy, are they crocs? Yes you’re right, it’s the BEST time to shop online now, I keep telling myself that but so far been only splurging for the little one. But yea, you deserve to pamper yourself for sure 🙂

    • Your little one is worth all that splurging 🙂 It is a lot of fun to buy small little peices of clothing for baby girls especially.

      To be honest I was never a fan of Crocs, never saw the hype in them, especially the sandals. But, when I was home for the holidays my sister bought a pair of flats and loved them. Then I tried on two pairs of flats and didn’t want to part with them. They are actually very comfortable for day to day use. I’ve walked around the city in them and had almost no soreness in my feet. There are two small downsides though:

      1. The sizing. If you are half size (I’m 8.5 in US size) then you have to buy size 8 and let it expand. After wearing my pairs for a bit, the rubber ones have expanded so they look a bit loose. The canvas one is just right.
      2. Escalators. They can bite the shoes. Just be careful when you wear them on escalators 🙂 Stand within the yellow box.

      Do try them on though, the designs are kind of chic. I wear mine to work but my dress code is casual.

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