London Calling

Big Ben

Indeed, London always calls me :

  • when I see an airline or travel agency advertisement for London (or Stor Brittania as it is known in Norwegian)
  • when I see a block of old English cheddar at my favourite delicatessen store
  • when I see a restaurant advertising Fish and Chips (pffft, can’t beat what you get in London or Australia)
  • when I eat not-so-nice Orange Maramalade (the ❤ quid bottle of Orange Marmalade from Marks & Spencers is very tasty)
  • when I’m at Lush Cosmetics (can’t beat British prices)
  • when I think of my friend Mpt
  • when I think of buying magazines (we pay 3x the price of a magazine in GBP here, after currency conversion)
  • when value of the GBP drops (evil laugh)
  • when I see overpriced Clarks shoes here (they are a lot cheaper there)
  • when I read about cosmetic brands offering travel exclusives (Heathrow is not an airport, it’s a mall :))
  • when I think of buying a trenchcoat (and this girl needs one, really..)
  • when I think of buying a pair of rubber Wellingtons (always comes in handy, even if they look a wee bit strange)

Now for the best part: I’m going to London for 4 days and I am mighty excited. I have a huge list of stuff I want to buy do, with the aim of helping the British economy 😉 We have to do our part, right?


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  1. You lucky lukcy girl! Company trip? My close friend just moved to Swindon (it’s near London she says), said the weather is really cold so bring lots of sweaters. And happy shopping – can’t wait to see your hauls 🙂

    • Thank you. Actually it’s vacation. The new job is more of a chained-to-the-desk one that I kind of like, so no travels 🙂 My experience with business trips were always lacklustre so I don’t really mind.

      Hm, the forecast looks pretty mild, 9 to 18 C.. that’s really nice, Spring-ish weather. Not quite Summer I guess. My quasi-Nordic self is probably more accustomed to cold. 9 C Is definitely cold if you are used to Malaysian 35 C, no doubt. I hope your friend likes it in the UK, it is a nice place to live in, the variety is amazing.

    • I’ve never been to Bayswater. The more I get to know you, the more I worry that I might have lost my fascination for food 🙂 I love good food but I try really hard not to crave food because you can get almost nothing here, nothing that we are used to in Malaysia at least.

      I did buy all of the frozen mini char siu paus at the asian grocery store yesterday (sapu all three bags). Maybe I’m still a foodie?

      You should go to London too… there are some really good deals sometimes. I hope you’re doing well madam 🙂

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