Productive Yet Lazy Weekends

Lazy Sundays at Cafe Liebling

My weekends are usually a mix of both – productive yet lazy. Productive because it’s during the weekends that I go for Strength training sessions at the gym (that usually result in some serious sore muscles the next day..ouch) and catch up with chores and such; Lazy because the weekends are also when the bf and I treat ourselves to some comfort food and simply idle away at cafes, restaurants, the cinema, or the shops.

One of our favourite cafes is Cafe Liebling. In German, “Liebling” means “Darling”. True enough, this cafe serves a lot of German snacks like:

  • Pausenbrot – a slice of German brown bread with various types of toppings. The bf’s favourite is Obatzda.
  • Apfel Schorle – apple juice mixed with sparkling water, perfect for the warm Summery days.
  • Duplo, Hanuta and Knoppers – German chocolate sandwiches (made with really delicious wafers)
  • Bionade – German soda

Now my favourite snack there, is not really German, but more European I think:

Sunday Treat

Now how can you say no to that? Scrumptions custard tarts topped with fruit. *Sigh* Just looking at that photograph makes me want to run to the cafe again, right this moment. Alas, they are probably closed and it’s technically almost bedtime.

Oooh, the other day, I was rummaging through the spice cabinet and I found a few sachets of MAGGI’s Nasi Goreng Lada Hitam Ala Warung (literally translates to Black Pepper Fried Rice, Stall Style). I normally feel a wee bit guilty each time I cook with instant ingredients, so I almost never use these sachets. But, I do stock them up when I’m in Malaysia as it’s these little things that help with homesickness.

Black Pepper Fried Rice

I made mine with prawns and mixed vegetables. Then I fried a really thin omelette, sliced it, and topped the rice with it as garnish (and protein). The steps for making this dish is really easy – provided you have slightly old rice. How do you get old rice? You cook it 1 hour beforehand and let it dry out a little bit in the rice cooker. Of course leftover rice from last night’s dinner will be fine too.

Basically you fry your ingredients (vegetables, prawns, onions, etc.) and then add in the rice. Next, stir in the fried rice seasoning and toss to coat evenly. This dish was delicious. It had the right level of spice and definitely reminded me of the different types of fried rice you can get in Malaysia.

Here’s a closer look:

Black Pepper Fried Rice


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