Harry Potter Brings About the End of an Era

Call me dramatic but after watching the final installment for the Harry Potter series, I feel as if my childhood has ended. It’s so sad to know that the books I read incrementally, for the past 12 years have all been made into movies and the story is now over. They all lived happily ever after. There’s no more Harry Potter to look forward to.

As a teenager, having to shell out 33 Ringgit on each part of the book was precious. Ah, the simple pleasures in life as a child..having the latest Harry Potter book and reading it in between lessons while you wait for one teacher to leave and the other one to enter the classroom. I remember when Part 5 came out, my Dad helped me Pre-order it with an online bookstore (I don’t even know if they exist anymore). When the book arrived, he drove me there one fine Saturday morning and we picked it up together.

I believe Part 5 arrived when I was in Australia, and I was living a very frugal lifestyle and could not afford to buy the book in Australia. So I got my parents to buy it for me in Malaysia and ship it to me. The utter excitement of ripping open that package and finding the book inside.. 🙂

Now the movie was amazing. If you’re an avid fan, it will really provide you a certain kind of satisfaction for having witnessed good triumph over evil. The cinematography and effects: the way they picture London (my favourite city in the whole world, in it wasn’t obvious ;)) is picturesque. Watching the movie brings about a finality like “this is the end”. The book did have that finality too, but I read it awhile back.

It’s interesting to see that over the course of the 7 books, Harry and his friend Hermione and Ron have become adults. Books 6 and 7 witness the coming of age of these characters and their challenges make me reflect on the challenges I faced when I was 16..17 years old. Of course I had no Voldemort to battle with 🙂

I’m contemplating picking up the boxed set of all the 7 books as a keepsake. Maybe I will find the time to read all of them again and re-live my childhood in my head.

If the opportunity presents itself, do watch the movie or read the books 🙂


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