Weekend Adventures

Yesterday was amazing.

It started with a tough strength training session at the gym. I was very ambitious as I didn’t feel very sore from my last strength training session on Wednesday so I pushed a bit harder this time. All I can say now is Ouch šŸ™‚

Post gym we stopped for coffee (out Saturday post gym treats) then went home and started on lunch. I wanted to make something wholesome yet light so I settled for a quick Mushroom and Garlic pasta.

Mushroom and Garlic Pasta

This dish was really easy and took all of 20 minutes (who says cooking is time consuming? :)). The bf cooked the tagliatelle (because he’s better at getting it to ‘al-dente’ than I am) while I fried the sliced mushroom in butter, a dash of olive oil, a bit of chopped garlic and some Italian spices. When the pasta was done, we just tossed it together with the cooked mushrooms. We also added fresh lemon juice and black pepper. The dish turned out to be really, really tasty.

Mushroom and Garlic Pasta

After lunch, we got ready to head out to the Cafe area near my apartment. We wandered down the streets and ended up in a cafe..just literally doing nothing but flipping through our reading materials and sipping a latte. Sigh, that’s my kind of weekend šŸ™‚

The new Hindi movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, is playing in Oslo so we picked up tickets for that movie and watched it in the evening. It was a really good movie. It’s been filmed in a very modern way so much so that if it weren’t for the language, you could easily classify it as an English film. It’s all about the life of three friends and how they deal with their challenges. The movie shows Spain in such beautiful detail. Makes me want to book a flight to Barcelona and run out the door right now. Alas, vacations need to be planned šŸ™‚

Ooh, another thing I forgot to mention. The MAC Semi-Precious collection released here on Thursday so I stopped by and picked up a few items. Here’s me wearing Blue Sheen Mineralized Eyeshadow with Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow (also by MAC, from the Jeanius collection) in an attempt to create a blueish look. I used Clinique’s Cream Shaper for Eyes in Black Diamond as the liner.



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  1. LOL not fat silly. just adorable. its all in the eyes of the beholder šŸ˜‰
    im doing good, im moving and my new room is green. reminded me of ur green dishes LOL :$ its unbelievably hot here now. hows the heat treating u there?

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