Pav Bhaji Magic

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of comfort food – just something to remind you of how much ‘medicine’ and ‘magic’ there is in good food.

Last month, when the bf and I were in London, we went to a really nice Bombay Cafe known as Dishoom. You can read about our experience here. I’ve been dreaming about the Pav Bhaji for many days now and I stumbled upon a reasonable recipe at Jugalbandi and could not resist. It was not possible to find bread flour yesterday, so we used Tipo ‘0’ flour instead, that the bf stocks in my kitchen, since he’s the avid Italian Pizza Crust connoisseur. I also could not find Aamchoor powder or Anardhana powder, so I just added some tamarind to the Bhaji to get a slightly sweet and sour taste. I’ll admit it’s not authentic. I shall haul some Aamchoor powder and Anardhana powder on my trip to India next month 😉

It might be a bit overkill to make Pav buns from scratch, but I always motivate myself with the taste. The taste is always worth the time and effort spent. Making your own bread/buns, is also very healthy as there are no preservatives in them and it definitely makes for good arm and shoulder workout (the bf did the dough kneading).

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

So what exacty is this Pav Bhaji you are raving about? Pav Bhaji is an Indian snack, kind of like their version of fast food. It consists of a fluffy, yet chewy bun (Pav) and Bhaji which is like a vegetable curry that has a dense consistency. I’m always eager to try out Indian dishes, especially Indian street food because I hear about them a lot from my Indian friends. It seems Pav Bhaji is is part of the Bombay Irani Cafe menu. I’ve never been to Mumbai and would love to go someday. For now, I shall enjoy the cuisine (or my version) from this part of the world.

Here’s a closer look at the Pav:

Pav Bhaji


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  1. Sorry for the delayed replies guys, been really busy.

    @dancing oranges: Hehe. You’re cute. I feel like making Paapri Chaat now..sigh.

    @Cas: Thanks, it was really good 🙂 So worth the effort.

    @Pinchy: Indeed. Imagine opening it at lunch and the aroma… sigh 🙂 If you come to my city one of these days, let me know. Will make it for you!

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