Bitten By The Travel Bug

Recently I mentioned I was going to New York for New Year’s Eve. Then, the bf suggested we go to Germany for Christmas, to spend it with his family. Now, I’ve seen my family twice this year, so it’s only fair he gets to see his family too. So, we booked our tickets for that trip as well. Effectively it’s now 12 days of travel in December.

Three weeks ago, I was asked to go on a business trip to US, to attend business meetings. It is a great opportunity so I could not say no.

It’s been really busy, trying to prepare for the trip and also trying to get work done. I used to be this really motivated, energized person, but after a few years in the workforce, I got a bit complacent and slow moving. Work life is tricky because I notice that overly enthusiastic people, like who I used to be, are more likely to get burnt out. So, I taught myself to expect less and to take things a bit easy. However, this job seems to need the old me, rather than the new, laidback me. It’s taken a bit of time to summon my old self and motivate myself to be all energetic and enthusiastic again.

Life is definitely picking up and I cannot wait to write my 2011 reflection blog post – I sure have a lot to be grateful for 🙂



4 responses

  1. Bitten by the travel bug indeed! You must be excited, look forward to your travel blog post. Looks like your new job is taking you places too 🙂 Enjoy US, think of all the SHOPPING you’re gonna do, hehe 🙂

    • Thank you! I really did not expect the trip. Have traveled a lot this year and feel like I’m pushing my luck. I hope I don’t embarrass myself there.

      Regarding shopping, I’ve been resisting here so I can buy Winter clothing there at half the price 🙂

  2. Yay for finding your old enthusiastic self again! And how excited I am about your travelling! I’m happy for you, dear ❤

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