Fluffy Pancakes

OK people. It is possible to make fluffy pancakes that are perfectly (maybe somewhat perfect) round. The secret is to wake up all sleepy and grab your phone and start looking for recipes. They say when you want something, the universe conspires to help you get it. I was really feeling like pancakes last weekend and the universe definitely helped me find this recipe 😉

This recipe is perfect because it resulted in really fluffy pancakes that cooked beautifully.

Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Now go make pancakes 🙂

P/s – I found my batter a bit too salty so I would reduce the salt a little bit. Of course the maple syrup helps.


5 responses

  1. wwuuUUuUu!!! MUST.TRY.THIS.SOON!

    just to let you know, I’ve moved my blog to liyanaznil.wordpress.com 🙂 do drop by and leave your link? I’m in the process of rebuilding my list of blog-buddies 🙂 cheers!

    • Sure, will do 🙂 Sorry I didn’t respond to your comment earlier…been really busy.

      Will read your new blog ASAP. Take care and regards to Chempedak! 🙂

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