Just Another Sunday

On a walk

The bf and I went for a walk this afternoon, to get some fresh air. We stopped by a Mexican restaurant to get some lunch, then wandered into a shoe store to window shop. Our favourite tea store just got their Christmas range so we went to look at that. We’re a big fan of this spice loaf they sell. It’s only available during the Christmas/Holiday period so we try to eat some each year. Usually we get a loaf and ration it for two weeks or so. This loaf is amazing with plain tea (without milk or sugar) on a cold, cold day.

Look in Parlor Smoke Quad

By the way, here’s me wearing a whole lot of gray eyeshadow. I love gray eyeshadow so much, I could wear it everyday. This one is “Steel” from MAC’s Parlor Smoke Eyeshadow Quad. I used the other shades too — Cross Cultural in the crease and Parlor Smoke in the inner corner and as a highlight. To darken the outer corner, I used a bit of Indigo Noir.

Initially I didn’t like these colours, but then I swatched them at the store and realized I could get some good use out of them. I always like a good matte purple shade and this one definitely has it (Indigo Noir). I also used Ash Violet Fluidline as an eyeliner. The blush I have on is Feeling Flush and lipgloss is Cremesheen in Over Indulgence.


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  1. Hah, was hoping to see some bright red or plum lips :p Love the look on you, you definitely pull off the smokey eye look and neutral lips well 🙂

    • Hehehe, I don’t have the guts for such bright/dark lips. I think it’s because I start out with my eye makeup first, and most of the colour usually goes there.

      Thanks for the compliment == great ego boost on a Monday morning 🙂 I hope you have a good week! Can’t believe we are so close to December. Time for me to start hunting for Christmas gifts for the bf’s family.

    • Aww, thanks for the compliment 🙂 You’re too nice to me. I spent most of my Saturday post gym at home, resting and cooking. Was so tired from weight training. So I kind of forced myself to head out on Sunday, hence the makeup and stuff. You know how sluggish winter can make you feel.. my makeup gets me out the door I think.

    • Twiggy! 🙂 Congrats on getting your own domain. Will definitely drop by.

      Dramatic shadow is something that takes a bit of getting used to. You have to get used to seeing yourself like that. I wear a lot of crazy colours and such (sometimes I think I scare people at work :)) but it’s more for fun. I usually like how it looks but it took me awhile to get to that comfort zone.

      What about a less dramatic version? Maybe smudging some black or grey eyeliner on your upper lashline? (MAC Smolder or Phone Number) You can use a thin brush and smudge it (but if you don’t feel like it, even a cotton bud will do). If you like something more refined and less “goth” .. you can try MAC’s Buried Treasure eyeliner or Clinique’s Egyptian. Essentially they are similar.. Greenish Brown with flecks of glitter.

      I’m sure you’ll look awesome with a smokey eye though. If you ever have some time to waste, you should ask the make up artists at MAC or Bobbi Brown to teach you how to do a smokey eye. They’re usually more than happy to help, especially if the store is quiet. But you might end up buying some items (which is not always a bad thing :)).

    • You’re welcome. Just swatch them on your hand one of these days. There’s a black sparkly liner from Clinique known as Black Diamond – that’s quite nice too.

      If you like coffee-brownish colours then Estee Lauder’s Coffee pencil is nice. MAC’s Teddy kohl pencil is also nice but has a bit of bronzey sheen to it.

  2. Hi Fieran,

    I am LOVING the eyeshadow!! Man, I haven’t done the smokey eye look in what seems like forever and a day. Really have to start practicing again.

    • Thanks, Mary! I’m just a newbie, playing around with a lot of brushes and different eyeshadow textures. I’m in love with the colour gray though so I wear many shades of gray.

      I’m sure you’ll look great in a smokey eye…maybe a green one? A nice greenish shadow is MAC’s Greensmoke. It’s kind of like a 1-step-smokey-eye that is foolproof as the shadow is quite easy to work with. Although I didn’t like it in the beginning (was using the wrong brush to apply it – 217 instead of 239 which caused fallout), it has grown on me lately.

      Do try it, you just might end up liking it 🙂

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