The One With The Ribs

Roasted Ribs

I’m more of a quick cook – I like making dishes that take less than an hour’s work, but once in a while, the bf and I team up to make slightly more complex dishes that require a few hours’ work. This is one such dish.

Now roasted ribs with barbeque sauce are delicious but I almost never order them at restaurants as I worry I will spill the sauce onto my clothing. (Hey, it’s a valid worry!) The bf, on the other hand, is a major meat lover. I think it has something to do with eating pork knuckle and sausages all the time.

We made the ribs based on a recipe from DeliciousHouse. Until I saw this blog post, I had no idea it was so easy to make roasted ribs.

Since ribs isn’t the healthiest dish, I served them with boiled carrots and asparagus. It was a really nice combination.

If you’re craving ribs, you need to make these.

Roasted Ribs


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