Just When You Think You’ve Had Enough of Travel..

…you find out that your younger sister wants you to take her around some parts of Europe (three countries, to be exact) next Summer.

Part of me is overjoyed because I’ve barely spent any time with my family members lately. The other part of me is kind of tired from traveling so much – I know, I should just up and enjoy it, right? But here I am, whinging away like an old woman πŸ™‚

It’s going to be fun though. We have a couple of spots we’re working on narrowing down:

  1. Amsterdam – I’ve been to Amsterdam twice but fleetingly as I was there for work. I walked around, stopped by the MAC Pro store and attended a tradeshow. That’s it. So if we get to go to Amsterdam, this time, at least I’ll get to eat some delicious Dutch pancakes, Indonesian food, and definitely french fries with mayonnaise.
  2. Barcelona – I’ve never been here but I’ve read heaps of blog posts written by people who were here. It would be great to be able to eat some authentic tapas and chocolate con churros πŸ˜‰ Of course it wouldn’t hurt to pop by Spanish stores like Bimba y Lola and Desigual.
  3. London – My sister will technically be landing in London so a trip there is always fun. It would be my second trip to London next year as we’re already going there in February for a quick weekend so that I can attend the IMATS exhibition. I know, way too much travel. I’ve been trying really hard to be less-travel-friendly so the universe will stop throwing reasonably priced flight tickets and travel opportunities my way, but it’s not happening though. They say when life hands you lemon, you should make lemonade, but what do you do when life hands you travel?
  4. Berlin – My sister has never been to Berlin and I think she should experience a wee bit of German culture. After all, a girl’s gotta have some apfelkuchen, no?

I guess we’ll see how this pans out πŸ™‚


4 responses

    • Nothing to be jealous about, really πŸ™‚

      Wow, Japan/HK? Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve seen heaps of photographs of Japan and it looks like such a beautiful place. The train rides..the views..Kyoto..*DROOL*

  1. Look on the bright side leisure trips are more fun than work trips. You’ll have a blast with your sister no doubt so start planning away! πŸ™‚

    • Yep πŸ™‚ It’ll be fun. Poor bf who’ll end up carrying our shopping bags. Hehehe. My younger sister loves dressing up, way more than me. I have more of a laidback, understated sense of dressing whereas she likes the bling.

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