Making Ravioli from scratch on a Sunday

The bf and I are always looking around for interesting yet easy recipes to experiment with. Last week we stumbled upon this recipe and were intrigued so we tried to make it.

Here’s our version:

Homemade Ravioli

We did make some modifications though:

  • We couldn’t get fava beans so we used butter beans instead (the filling is a mixture of walnuts, green peas and fava beans with parmesan, mint and lemon juice)
  • Instead of lemon and basil flavoured oil, we used a tomato and onion sauce as we are both big fans of sauce 🙂

It was an awesome dinner, just what we needed on a quiet, relaxed Sunday.

I hope you had a good Sunday 🙂


5 responses

    • Thanks! 🙂 Actually, the sauce is from a range of instant sauces a Norwegian Italian restaurant sells. It just says “Tomato and Onion” sauce on the box. I have read that Gnocchi takes 4 hours, does that recipe take 4 hours too? I hope not.

  1. Tomato and Oninon aye, we dont have that here 😦 Oops does it take 4 hours? That recipe doesnt call for 4 hours. Just cut potatoes, add in eggs and flour and form into a ball. Boil it for a short while until it’s slightly cooked. Now i’m just searching for a good tomato sauce recipe.

    • Oh that sounds like it will definitely take less than 4 hours. I got the 4 hours idea from this tourguide in Venice who said that it takes 4 hours to make Gnocchi.

      Now I’m tempted. Saw this recipe:

      A good tomato sauce recipe? Hm, I usually start with finely chopped tomatoes that I buy in boxes or glass bottles from the supermarket. Heat olive oil, fry crushed or chopped garlic. When the garlic is fragrant, add in chopped onions and stir together. A few minutes later, add in the tomatoes and simmer. Reduce the heat and let it cook till some oil is released. Add the spices you like — oregano, basil, etc. along with some paprika powder and chili powder or black pepper. I sometimes add some cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder – gives it a nice round taste. The key is to simmer on low heat, tomato sauce is naughty and will splash a lot if the the heat is high. I like bits of green in mine so I put a lot of Italian spices.

      That’s what I usually do for ravioli (if I buy it pre-made) or pasta with tomato sauce and minced chicken.

  2. Woah thanks for the recipe. Seems fairly easy to do. Will let you know how it turns out 🙂 Long weekends coming up so will definitely make time.

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