Seeing Red.. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I love sugar. It’s a known fact. Friends who have dined with me are always tickled as I usually check out the dessert portion of the menu first, before I choose my meal. This is just so I know how much space I need to leave in my tummy. If I really like the description of the dessert, I order a smaller main course and skip the appetizer to justify to my conscience.

That said, burning calories is difficult. Hence I cannot always bake sweet stuff. So these days I bake and eat a little bit; then I share the rest with our colleagues (half for the bf’s team and half for mine).

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Last weekend it was snowing a lot and I didn’t feel like going out so I hid in my apartment making these cupcakes instead.

According to the blog from which I got this recipe, it’s supposed to be similar to the Red Velvet Cupcakes that are sold at Magnolia Bakery. I think it’s quite true as the taste is definitely there (and the recipe is adapted from a video that epicurious posted of a chef baking the cupcakes and making the frosting). Magnolia Bakery does not use cream cheese frosting, but a creamy vanilla one instead.

I don’t think it’s nice of me to re-post the recipe so you’d have to go to the original blogger’s page for that.

Swirling frosting is not one of my skills so my frosting looks a bit…sad. I also made a minor error by stirring in the flour and milk paste into the butter, sugar and vanilla mixture a little too early. In hindsight I probably should have let the paste cool awhile more.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

That said, these were delicious and the colleagues who ate them were very, very happy :).


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  1. They look delicious! You’re so kind, sharing your goods with your respective co-workers 🙂 you could always use Sukrin to replace sugar in baking to save on the calories, available in health freak stores or 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 I call it ‘sharing the calories’. These guys are so fit they just burn through the cupcakes like nobody’s business.

      I haven’t tried Surkin, I should definitely consider it. I feel a bit weird using sugar substitute because then I have to acknowledge that I am indeed a health freak 🙂

  2. Wow looks like you beat me to it, been wanting to make red velvet cuppies for the longest time as i love them! They remind me of the ones I get from Upstairs cafe, soft, moist, fluffy with a nice rich frosting. They look soooo good and now I”m just craving for red velvet cupcakes!! I should make time to make this really. Good job you!

    • Thank you 🙂 I was contemplating them ever since I had that one from Magnolia Bakery. Cupcakes are a bit more time consuming to make, than regular cakes so I usually end up not making them.

      This time I thought I should since I discovered a nice baking store near my office that sold literally everything I could possibly need.

  3. Those look delightful! Oddly enough, of the handful of times I’ve been to Magnolia Bakery, I have never had their Red Velvet cupcake… Will need to “investigate” when I go back. 😛

    Oh, dear god, what I wouldn’t do for a cupcake right now.

  4. Hei, I just stumbled upon your blog while reading that you live in Oslo.
    I also live in Oslo although i’m not norwegian but Belgian.
    Your tips about Oslo are great and I’m already longing for spring to kick in, must be beautiful. PS: these cupcakes seem DELICIOUS. Can you come and bring me one?

    X, Sarah

    • Thanks 🙂 I don’t have many readers (at least those whom I know of) from Oslo so it’s always nice to see that people who live here read the blog too. Spring is my favourite season out of the 4 seasons. Spring, followed by Autumn and the only reason is – because I get to wear boots 😉

      Hehe, you should make the cupcakes. They are delicious.

  5. this is looking absolutely divine Fieran … WOW you are a wonderful cook i must say honey 😀 😀
    let me and son come there and we will enjoy this to fullest 😀 😀

  6. Why do I always go to food related blogs at 3 am in the morning??! Those cupcakes look soooo yummy, Fieran! I wish I had the skill to bake/cook.. Unfortunately, everything I make (with the sole exception of FRIED EGGS) end up tasting really gross. My mom is an excellent cook, though. Too bad I didn’t inherit it lol

    • Cooking/baking is a skill that you can easily learn. Really 🙂 I could not even stand in front of the stove years ago. I was terrified of the heat and we used to use a flame stove back home when I was a teenager. My mom used to ask me to leave the kitchen as I messed up more than helping. But, after moving out of my parents’ place to Australia, I had to learn how to cook. It’s mostly trial and error. The best part about only cooking for yourself is that nobody will know if tastes bad 🙂 So you can eat it quietly. That’s how I learned how to cook. Nowadays I’m more confident and the bf is very helpful when I’m cooking. He helps to cut all the ingredients and sometimes even runs out to buy missing ingredients. It always helps to have somebody motivating you to cook.

      • Hhahahah my mom does the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if I this subconscious intent on messing up so I get kicked out of the kitchen. lol

        Your bf sounds super sweet :-D. My bf is actually the cook in our relationship. He just knows how to pair up ingredients. I’m always the salt and pepper girl. hahhaha

      • Hehehe. You should try cooking though. It can be very therapeutic. A great way to unwind post-work. Sometimes I sip on a mug of green tea and slowly cut ingredients.

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