Review: A-England Dragon Nail Polish

A few months ago I picked up two nail polishes from A-England as I had read wonderful reviews. It helped that the company offers free shipping worldwide. I had bought Camelot and King Arthur and was very impressed with the formula as well as how easy it was to work with them.

Recently I stumbled across FashionPolish’s swatches of some of the new colors that A-England has launched and ordered four bottles. The one I’m featuring is Dragon. I don’t know how to describe this shade. It’s a grass green hologram nail polish that gold-ish glitter in it, perhaps?

Here are some photos for you to decide:

A-England ~ Dragon

A-England ~ Dragon

Technically, you can get away with just one coat of nail polish but out of habit I applied two coats followed by Deborah Lippmann’s Addicted to Speed topcoat.

It’s been really cold lately (-21 C on Friday morning, -16 C yesterday and -8 C today *phew*) and bright nail polishes like this are definitely cheering me up!


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  1. I was looking at this one too! Thanks for sharing the swatch 🙂 I like a good green, and holo is definitely a bonus!

    It’s been freezing here too. Not to the same extent (-4 at the moment), but freezing. I hope this will pass soon!

    • You’re welcome. I was so happy with it I had to post a picture. It’s a really happy shade of green.

      I do hope the cold ends soon too. Can’t wait for Spring! 🙂

  2. Why is every beauty blog I read reviewing this? LOL it must be that good eh. But I do love the colors that I”ve seen on these blogs so far and yours is so gorgeous too!! Tempted tempted to buy…

    • They just released their new collection 🙂 That’s probably why everybody is “talking” about it though I only read two reviews I think.

      It’s a brand run single-handedly by a very nice woman (not exactly mainstream) and the nail polish formula is really good. Though I do use a nail polish thinner out of preference (with most of my nail polishes) as I like to work with a slightly thinner consistency.

      You should definitely get it especially since they ship worldwide for free. I’m a big fan of web shops like that 🙂

    • Hehehe, but I only showed you 1 bottle 😉 These are so easy to work with though. I’m amazed. Like Camelot, for example, is a shiny black nail polish. I’ve tried two other black ones from different brands and they always stain and are kind of goopy. A-England’s Camelot is a dream to work with.

  3. That’s SUCH a nice shade. I don’t know what’s fueling my sudden interest in green nail polish. Wahhh I want more, but my wallet’s totally flat 😦

    • Aww that’s ok. A-England polishes are all permanent so you can buy them slowly. Maybe you can do a joint order with Denise when she’s ordering hers. That way you can save on shipping (and probably taxes..I’m assuming you guys also pay import taxes).

      • Yes, we do. I hate it because sometimes the cost of shipping is way more than the item itself. Will def. have to try the brand sometime…

      • Same here actually. There’s this really old tax law that says you cannot import for more than 200 NOK and even though 200 NOK is not worth anything these days, we get taxed for importing more than that. Kind of annoying 😦

    • Well, the A-England owner, Adina is a wonderful lady who runs the store single-handedly. Incidentally she also ships to Singapore for free. You should try some of her colours. If you like cool toned shades, Ascalon is gorgeous. It’s a hologram colour that switches between Lilac and Grey. I think it’ll look very good on you.

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