It’s Cold Outside


A couple of weeks ago, before it started to snow, the bf and I were out for a walk. Here’s a photograph of me. I picked up the camel coloured coat in September last year. It’s nice and warm, but not very snow-friendly so I only wear it when it’s not snowing outside. The bag is something I love. I never thought I would buy a chilli red bag but when I saw this at a Michael Kors outlet in New York, I really liked it.

Lately, life’s been really busy. Work has picked up a lot. Initially it was mostly planning, but now the deadlines are becoming clearer so it’s getting a bit stressful. The bf always tells me that stress is self-created so I try really hard not to be stressed. At least I try to keep a semblance of my regular routine: gym, walks on the weekend, cooking somewhat healthy food, putting some effort into self-grooming and getting at least 6 hours of sleep. It’s been alright so far.

I was a bit bummed out that the bf will be on a business trip for his birthday and Valentine’s Day. Then I found out I have an evening meeting on Valentine’s Day. Oh well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. But maybe I can find some time to watch a movie in a cinema with a huge box of popcorn and enjoy my own company. I’m trying not to shop for Spring in Oslo just yet. I do have a lot of nice pieces that I’d like to combine with new stuff. But then again, it would be a nice challenge to *not* buy new items but re-use the old ones instead.

I recently remembered that I have to renew my passport. There’s no Malaysian Embassy in Norway so I called up the branch in Sweden. It turns out it will take two months to get it renewed if I did via Sweden. Then I thought I’ll try my luck and called up the branch in London. Turns out I can get a new passport in a day if I went there in the morning.

So, that means I have to travel to London. Now it’s actually a lot of fun to go to London but I’ve been trying to keep my wanderlust in check lately as travelling is kind of expensive and if you keep travelling every few months you just keep breaking your routine, you know?

But, I’m really looking forward to renewing my passport because then I get another 5 years of peace without having to worry that it will expire. That type of peace is priceless especially when you’re an expatriate.


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  1. Ooo me digging the coat and bag and even your beanie cap- something I myself would buy! Btw – I’m on a mission to collect bags in all kinds of colors 🙂 Your red bag is so striking and would jaz up any outfit. Well have fun in London – I know you love that place so gonna expect a post on it and the shopping 🙂 Btw – dont stress yourself out, your bf is RIGHT, is all self-inflicted, take baby steps to finish a task 🙂 I always tell the husband that. But that man doesnt listen so….haha.

    • Thank you 🙂 I always buy my winter stuff in advance – usually in sales but coats are something I don’t always buy on sale because it’s a bit of an investment. This coat is from Esprit and I was told by the Sales Assistant that the branch here got 7 pieces. I saw it as I was passing by the store last September and ran inside just to see if it would fit me. I’m a bit disproportionate and it’s hard to find coats with the correct sleeve length. I also have very broad shoulders (I look like a quarterback :/). This coat fit pretty well so I got it.

      I really like the bag. It’s so roomy. I love crossbody bags 🙂

      I’m hoping not to shop much this time in London actually but I usually cave as they have such a nice selection. I set myself a challenge – to not buy anything since coming back from New York and I actually managed to do so for like 7 weeks. Then MAC released a new collection and I picked up two items 😉

      You’re right about stress. I have calmed down so much compared to my highschool/college/university times though. I don’t stress as much anymore but I’ve also developed a bit of an internal filter where my mind automatically limits how much information I’m exposed to. It’s weird.

  2. LOL if it makes you feel any better, I am spending Valentine’s day or should I say Valentine’s evening writing a midterm 🙂 And then the entire week preparing for another midterm on Friday and then leaving for home early Sunday morning 😀

    Remember, it could be worse – what if you were a student lol.
    Besides Valentines day is a manufactured holiday that has more to do with consumerism than love…lol 🙂

    Ahh, London – I can’t wait for me to be there myself 🙂

    • Hehehe, I don’t think about university anymore. I think I was in college/university for 5 years (18-22) and I moved to Norway when I was 23. They say university is easier than work life but I think work life is easier. I was a really stressed, not-so-happy person at university so work life is so much easier to deal with. I was obsessed with grades and I’d spend sleepless nights working on assignments bordering on panic. I know a lot of people who got similar grades as me but led much more balanced lives. If I could do it again – I’d do that: be more balanced and relax a bit.

      I don’t ever plan to study again actually. Not right now at least. I like my job too much to let something else take my full focus.

      Valentine’s day is a manufactured holiday, indeed, but the bf and I celebrate it for fun. We use any reason to have a nice dinner, chat, walk around in the city, catch a movie…sit in a cafe and people watch. It’s kind of another reason to spend some time together. Previously I didn’t have a very demanding job, so I had more time to bake, cook, etc..and just do more (like pick up his dry-cleaning or mail out packages to our friends, etc.). Nowadays I have less time so I kind of feel bad.

      You’ll love London 🙂 It’s a beautiful city full of history. A lot of the historical parts are very well maintained. You’ll find wonderful shops, restaurants, cafes, in unexpected corners. You have to ride the London Eye, even if you feel it’s hyped up. The view is very nice on a sunny day. If you’re into art, Tate Modern is definitely nice. They’re a wonderful museum/organization who have immense respect for art. If you want to do outlet shopping, there’s a place known as Bichester that is near Oxford. About an hour’s train ride away I think. My Mom and sister have been there and they said it’s quite worth it.

  3. I love that red purse on you! I see how buying a red bag would feel strange, but it looks really good on you – especially with that gorgeous camel coat! Cold suits you, madear 🙂

    Hope you’ll have a nice quick-trip to London – if I were you, I’d pick up some cottage cheese at M&S – it’s so lovely! They make it with part creme fraiche instead of cream like here in Norway and Sweden – so it tastes extra delicious! (I’m a bit of a cottage cheese freak).

    You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to pick up a whole bunch of mascaras! They’re so much cheaper there, after all =) Hope the Valentine’s Day-meeting won’t be too dull!

    • Thank you. I love that purse too. Ok, so cottage cheese in M&S? Deal! What do you eat it with?

      Ooh which is your favorite mascara lately? I recently finished a Studi Fix Bold black lash or something similar. It was pretty good but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. Most of them separate well but there’s no added volume.

      Most of my evening meetings involve a lot of listening and note taking. Less fun than watching YouTube makeup videos 😉

  4. I LOVE camel coats! They just look so great with bright bags. BTW, I love your red purse.

    Your bf is totally right about stress. I work in IT and the pace and amount work I get on a daily basis is insane. Definitely a stressful environment to be in, but I do find that I don’t feel so angry or exhausted at the end of the day if I don’t sweat at the small things. Work related stress is pretty much inevitable, but it is possible to keep it at a minimum by taking a few minutes to yourself.

    I love to be active, so I’ll take 10 minutes to walk around the block; the fresh air does WONDERS like nothing else can. There are times when I kind of just zone out. LOL

    Honestly, I’d love to live in Europe for even only a few months sometime in the future. I love that you can travel to so many countries in just a day or so.

    Really REALLY REALLY hope to visit Europe soon. Would love to meet ‘ya 😉

    • Thanks for the compliment. I really like them too: the coat and the purse 🙂

      I work in Software and I can totally relate to what you mean. The workload definitely doesn’t help and I take a coffee break 2-3 times a week where I step outside, get some fresh air and grab a latte.

      It is nice to live in Europe, but it’s not very cheap to travel within Europe unless you’re willing to sacrifice time (if you take a train/bus instead of a flight) or a bit of comfort (if you stay in a hostel instead of a hotel). Though with the current EU economy trends, I’m actually a bit worried. It doesn’t look too good for some countries and it’s very sad to hear about it every day.

      Do come visit Europe though. I’d love to meet you too! 🙂

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