Dishes I Have Cooked Lately

Fried Behoon with Chicken and Tofu

This is a quick recipe of regular beehoon fried with chicken and tofu. It takes barely 30 minutes to make and is delicious even for lunch the next day. The bf usually gets a doggy bag of the remaining food as his canteen at work does not serve food as good as my canteen at work.

Sweet Potato and Fennel Soup

I have written about this soup before. It’s a delicious soup for days when you feel like eating a delicious soup that is not too creamy and not too light. The mix of parmesan and sweet potato as well as fennel gives this soup a round taste. I served it with sesame crackers.

Salmon with Asparagus and Bulgur

This recipe is actually from one of the Real Simple magazine issues. It takes about 30 minutes to make. Here’s what I remember: In a baking dish, simply place bulgur at the bottom, with asparagus in the middle and finally salmon fillets on top. Pour enough stock (I used chicken stock) to cover the bulgur and squeeze some lime juice on the salmon along with some ground black pepper. Cover the whole backing dish with foil and bake for 20-30 minutes. This is the only tricky part as you have to keep removing the foil wrapping to check if the salmon is done or not.

Thai Style Prawn Curry

Regular Thai curry made with Panang curry paste, prawns and some vegetables. Served with Jasmin rice.

Oatmeal Porridge with Fresh Strawberries and Maple Syrup

This was for breakfast last Sunday. I made oatmeal porridge with a dash of maple syrup and threw in a handful of sliced fresh strawberries.

Ah sweet potato fries. *DROOL* I’m also a big fan of Heidi Swanson. If she tells me brussels sprouts are good, I will eat them. Of course it helps that she has some wonderful recipes on her blog. The brussels sprouts in this photo are cooked based on her Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts recipe. The salmon is seasoned with lemon juice and pepper and baked alongside the sweet potato fries, that are seasoned with paprika, olive oil and some Italian spices.

Baked Salmon with Honey, Olive Oil and Lemon served on a bed of Salad

I tossed fresh salmon fillets with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and honey. I then baked the fillets and served them on top a salad made with tomatoes, lettuce, some spinach and pine nuts. Served with fat free Mango and Chilli vinaigrette.

Quick Version of Jamie Oliver's Prawn and Pea Risotto

In Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef book, he has this Pea and Prawn Risotto recipe which basically builds on top of his Risotto Bianco recipe. The bf is utterly in love with Jamie’s Risotto Bianco. Now the Pea and Prawn Risotto is a little bit more difficult to make than the Risotto Bianco and I was kind of hungry so I skimmed through the recipe, then played it by ear as I didn’t have any celery stalks at home. I made the Risotto Bianco without celery and then tossed in the peas, prawns, mint and basil towards the end. I did skip the parmesan that the Risotto Bianco uses as Jamie mentioned parmesan does not go well with seafood. has the full Pea and Prawn Risotto recipe here.

Chicken with Jamie Oliver's Rosemary, Chili and Garlic Herb Crust served on a bed of Salad

Jamie Oliver is really famous in Germany. He is so famous that even the bf’s mother talks about him. In German supermarkets (not in Norway, unfortunately), you can get these plastic jars of crust that taste delicious when pressed on to chicken and then baked for 15 to 20 minutes. I served the crusted chicken on a bed of salad made with chopped cubes of mango, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and capsicum. Served with French Vinaigrette.


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  1. You temptress, you! Everything looks so delicious! I’m impressed by how well you’re able to create so many different dishes using the same protein. Good work! You’re creative and great at varying your spices and herbs =) And the norwegian government would be very happy with the amount of fat fish you’re eating – you go girl =)

    That soup sounds especially delicious. Ah, you!

    • Thank you Pinchy πŸ™‚ You mean with Salmon/Chicken/Prawns? I really like cooking salmon as it cooks so quickly. Sometimes the ICA near my apartment sells fresh salmon slices at 10 NOK each. Then I make it a point to cook salmon that evening as the fresh one tastes so much better than the frozen one and it cooks even quicker. The nice part about the fresh salmon is also that it absorbs marinade very quickly. So I can eat even quicker! The quicker I eat when I’m hungry, the less likely I am to go looking for junk food πŸ˜‰

      Hahaha, I probably eat way too much salmon for the average person.

      Please make the soup πŸ™‚ It’s really quick and you can even skip the Parmesan if you feel it’s not very healthy. Alternately you can skip the fennel (fennikel in Norsk) and just add shredded kale into the soup after you have boiled and pureed the sweet potato+spices+broth mixture. Then wait 10 mins for the kale to cook and eat it.

    • No, no, not a pro. I just really like eating actually and the kind of food you get in Norway is just very different from what I ate when I lived in Malaysia and Australia. There’s little mid-range meals, you know like if you want to eat out, usually it’s high-end. The mid-range restaurants are quite few and I’ve eaten at most of them already. So I end up cooking. Cooking is also like one of the few things you can do when it’s freezing cold outside πŸ™‚

      Indeed, Jamie Oliver is a genius. If you get a chance, try his Jamie’s Italian restaurants. I think there are branches in UK and Australia. The food is amazing.

    • About 7 years ago, the only thing I could make in the kitchen was instant pratha. Pratha is a kind of bread that you can buy in a bag, pre cooked and frozen. I’d heat it up on a frying pan and eat it with the curry my Mom made that day. I also rebelled against her cooking when she made dishes I didn’t like by emptying a can of Campbell’s soup into a bowl and chucking it into the microwave for 5 minutes πŸ™‚

      That was all I could cook those days. I was terrified of the stove as in most parts of Asia we cook with real flame (powered by gas tanks sometimes). Not induction/hot plates.

      I learned to cook all these simple dishes first with instant sauces then I started to make my own sauces. You know some pasta brands sell Alfredo sauce in a bag and such. That’s how I started to learn how to cook.

      So, if *I* can cook today, I’m sure you can too. Really. Find a recipe you like and just make it. If you make it twice, you’ll have the formula in your head and the third time, you won’t even need the recipe. You’ll know from the colour, texture and taste if it’s correct.

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