Gnocchi with Garlic Cream Sauce

The bf and I normally don’t cook much with cream sauce as I’m somewhat lactose intolerant. Somewhat meaning that it doesn’t always annoy me; there’s a mysterious quota that I don’t know about, but my tummy does.

However, the bf and I love garlic so we just had to cook this. The best part about this recipe is that it takes 20 minutes to make this delicious dish, provided that you have all the ingredients and they’ve been chopped/prepared.

This is what our final dish looked like:

Gnocchi with Garlic Cream Sauce

This is the original recipe. We skipped the garlic powder, replaced cooking sherry with red wine vinegar and added some basil plus Italian spices.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s what you need:

  1. 1 medium onion sliced into thin strips
  2. 3 cloves of garlic chopped finely
  3. 14 champignon mushrooms chopped into thin slices – the size of mushrooms is tricky to gauge so just enough mushrooms
  4. 2 tablespoons salted butter – I used unsalted French butter as I added salt later (I also added some olive oil to prevent the butter from burning)
  5. 1 quart heavy cream – I didn’t feel like measuring how much a quart was (lazy) so I guestimated
  6. Salt and pepper as needed
  7. Some chopped basil and Italian spices (optional)

Here’s what you do:

  • Cook your gnocchi as per instructions on the packet.
  • In a frying pan, fry mushrooms, onions, butter and minced garlic. Add in red wine vinegar.
  • Cook until the ingredients are soft and the liquid is reduced by half.
  • Add in basil and Italian spices.
  • Add in enough cream according to your taste and let it simmer. (Cream must not boil as it may separate.)
  • Serve gnocchi with the sauce.



8 responses

  1. You’re a horrible horrible person, Fieran! This post makes me SO hungry (SO hungry that I actually just called my boyfriend and nearly yelled at him for not being home yet lol)! Gosh I’ve got to try this. I love mushrooms and cream and onion and garlic hmmmm

  2. Oh, god, that looks SO GOOD. If I ever cooked at home, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD WANT TO MAKE FIRST. I love gnocchi so much. OH MAN. I haven’t had it in ages. Need to go to an Italian restaurant, stat.

    • Then make it 🙂 Pffft, you don’t need to go to an Italian restaurant. You can make this in 20 minutes, really. Try it one weekend. The gnocchi can be bought in vacuumed plastic bags and they cook in 2 minutes when immersed in boiling water. Really, 2 minutes only.

      The cream sauce takes about 15 minutes if you have chopped mushrooms and onions. I use bottled garlic paste and fresh basil in a squeeze tube. I can’t be bothered to buy fresh basil and chop the leaves 🙂

      • Aww 🙂 I love grocery shopping. It’s kind of like my second most favourite shopping activity after clothes shopping. Makeup shopping comes close to grocery shopping for me actually.

        The sad thing is that I don’t have a car and in Norway if you live in the city you don’t need a car. So I’ve built muscles from carrying grocery bags home from the supermarket. Someday, I will have a car and then I can buy as much groceries I want without having to worry about how to cart them home. #FirstWorldProblems

  3. Goodness!! I’m sooo hungry just looking at that. Not good since it’s ONLY 11 a.m here now and lunch is 1.5 hours away, grrr. Can you get frozen gnocchi there??? Any good? Oi next time make your own 😛 But it will exceed your 20 minutes time frame for sure. You know, frozen gnocchi doesnt sound too bad now!!

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