Did you say 5.5 days off?

Exactly! I have 5.5 days off from today onwards for Easter and I’m extremely excited about it.

The bf and I have been pulling double-duty: work plus furnishing his apartment that was ready this month. I’m the self-appointed interior designer and man trying to come up with colours and textures that will suit the place without making it look dated is a tough job. Not to mention this fixation the bf has with the colours grey and blue. *Shhh, don’t tel him I said that*

Then again, it helps that the bf is quite aware of what he likes though. Took him 20 minutes to pick out white goods. He did favour German brands over the others, something to do with national pride in dishwashers and refrigerators 😉

Today most people only work half day then we are all off till next Tuesday.

I plan to cook, clean, eat, work out (in that order) and help the bf set up his furniture and white goods.

I’ll be blogging a bit but till then, God Påske (Happy Easter) and take care.


2 responses

  1. Your plans sound swell! And lucky the man who has you to help him furnish his apartment – I’m sure you’ll make it homey and nice, and that you’ll fill it with laughter and fragrant smell and cheerfulness.

    Enjoy your half-day! 😉

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