There has to be some Order in this Chaos

…but I don’t see it; not yet at least.

March has been crazy. Can you believe it’s April already? January and February have passed in a blur for me. March was very eventful work-wise and April is going to be even more busy.

I’ve taken on more responsibility at work. So much so that I have to be even more careful at balancing out my time if I’m going to have time for myself. It’s funny how life works out. We spend a lot of time wishing and wanting for things to happen. Then suddenly what you always wanted actually takes place and you realize that you need to find some kind of strength, motivation, mojo, anything – to actually rise to the occasion and take that which you wanted. And if you don’t take it, that opportunity will vanish and you’ll only have yourself to kick.

They don’t say “Opportunity only knocks once” for no reason.

Tomorrow is my birthday but I’ve been so busy with work and trying to help the bf out with his apartment that we didn’t end up planning anything. Usually we travel or something. Last year I spent my birthday with my family and it was a lot of fun. The year before that we went to Venice; then the year before that, we went to London. I am definitely a lucky girl. I cannot complain.

This year, I’ll be at home, since it’s Easter break here. Maybe I’ll cook myself something nice and wander around shops in the city that will be open for half the day. I’d like to think they are open especially for me, but the truth is that *almost* everything is closed on 5th and 6th and 9th of April with some stores being open for half the day on 7th April. This country takes Easter seriously 🙂

So, my birthday wish is for this year to turn out alright and for a tablespoon of happiness – can’t have too much of everything, right? 🙂  Of course if I do get to do a bit more travel, I’ll be elated. But I’ll take what I can get. If there’s not much travel (unlike last year), I won’t mind either.


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  1. Happy birthday, Fieran!!! 😀

    “The grass is always greener on the other side.” 😉 Pretty much sums up life, no?

    Hopefully you get some time out of your busy schedule to eat some good food, enjoy great company, and generally be merry. 🙂

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