A bump in the road

I’ve recently hit a bump in the road. I’ve been diagnosed with incomplete Bell’s Palsy.

I spent a few days being a really upset about it. More like in shock as I was so surprised and disturbed by the change in my features. If you know me well, you know that my appearance is something I’m constantly working on. Playing around with different types of makeup, clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. I am a bit of a fan of myself – to a certain extent – not narcissistic or anything but I enjoy looking neat and polished. Constantly being a polished, neat and presentable person is actually a kind of hidden “weapon” when you work with tons of different people. It always gives people a good impression of you and that’s something I’ve realized ever since I started working.

Bell’s Palsy is like a temporary paralysis on a part of your face. For me it’s my left side. My diagnosis is incomplete because I don’t exactly have facial paralysis; more like weakness. I also can close my left eye – sometimes people with Bell’s Palsy cannot close one eye and it has to be taped shut. I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have the full symptoms. My taste buds were off, though. That was something I was mentioning about to the bf since the beginning of last week but I didn’t think much of it.

I don’t exactly know what causes Bell’s Palsy. It seems it could be caused by virus infection (causing your facial nerver to be inflamed). I’m trying not to find out too much about it as sometimes too much information can cause me to panic.

I have an awesome doctor – a young woman who wears a beautiful pair of Chanel glasses. Heh, trust me to notice that. She’s really optimistic that I will make a full recovery. I believe her and I hope it happens. For now I’m getting better – slowly but surely – and I am just working on that right now.

I’ve been on sick leave the past week and will be going back to work next week but I’ve been advised to take it easy and not stress too much. The strange thing is that I didn’t really “feel” stressed but the bf has kind of pointed out that I do have issues switching off my “work-mode” due to my evening meetings.

I’m taking it easy the past few days at least and trying to heal. My face looks slightly better and my taste buds have returned. For now, I’m playing the waiting game.


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  1. So sorry to hear babe. You’ll fully recover, dont worry. My family friend had a few years ago where the left side of her face collapsed and the doc diagonsed her with the same. It was due to stress, she’s totally okay now and has fully recovered so dont you worry too much. Do get alot of rest and dont stress out too much okie *hugs*

    • Thank you for the kind thoughts, Denise. I’m feeling much better. It’s just that I was quite surprised and really, really disturbed by how strange my features were looking. I guess you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. But, the upside is that I’m healing quite well and starting to look like my old self again 🙂

  2. wow, i am deeply sorry to hear this. I hope you are ok by now. x sorry your blog completely fell off my radar – I was busy with finals and things – not that its an excuse!

    • Thanks Shivani. I’m alright though. Healing swiftly. I don’t look scary anymore so I’m back to work but I do see minor imbalances in my features. Hopefully it will heal in the coming weeks.

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