Vacation Galore

June is going to be the month for vacation. The bf and I are going to Munich beginning of June to hang out with my younger sister. Then I’m going with my younger sister to London for a few days before she heads back home post vacation.

We’ve also booked our tickets to Malaysia. I’ll be there for about two weeks. I’m really hoping to get some rest but also really glad to be able to attend a cousin’s wedding. It’s been ages since I actually went for a relative’s wedding. Usually I only hear the details much later when I’m on the phone with my Mom or my elder sister.

On the health front, I’m feeling much better and the left side of my face is somewhat improving. It’s less and less obvious each day that I was actually sick so that is a good thing. It helps that it’s not noticeable at first glance so I don’t feel too weird being at work and facing people everyday.  I’m hoping in a couple of weeks I will go back to looking the way I always did and the fact that I had such a disease will be just a distant memory.

I have my fingers crossed 🙂


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  1. Hi Fieran,
    I am so sorry to learn about your incident.. I hope you are feeling better now!!
    And you are going Malaysia?
    Oh my.. Any chances of popping by Singapore for just a day?

    • Hi Joey. Thank you. I’m much better now but it came as a shock. I had no idea of such a disease in the first place.

      I’ll be in Malaysia for about two weeks. I’d love to pop by Singapore but I don’t know if it’s possible as I don’t have much time in Malaysia. There’s always so much to do when I’m home. I’ll definitely let you know if it’s possible 🙂 Would love to hang out with you.

  2. June is just around the corner, have fun! Take lots of photos. Btw when exactly are you coming to Malaysia? Good to know you’re on good tracks with your recovery. Don’t worry you’ll be looking just great in time for your holiday I’m sure, promise!

    • 22 06 onwards till 09 07. I’d love to meet up but it’s a really short trip so I shouldn’t make promises I might not be able to keep 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the trips, especially home as I haven’t seen my Dad and my little niece in more than a year. I did see my Mom and sisters in India last August so it’s not so bad.

  3. YAY you get to see your family again! Judging from what I’ve heard you tell me about your family’s weddings from the past, I’m excited on your behalf! 🙂 Hope the German won’t be too overwhelmed =)

    Is your face healing properly? 🙂

    • Yes, it’ll be fun 🙂 The German is always amused by how different life is back home for me. I usually expect him to be overwhelmed but he never seems to be.

      Thanks for asking about my face. It’s much better, almost completely healed. I can see a small difference from time to time but it’s barely visible.

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