Chugging Along

I’m currently listening to music and packing my luggage for my trip home tomorrow. I’m always very stressed when I go home, because it’s for quite awhile – a bit more than two weeks this time – and I’m not used to living in a warm country anymore. So, I just pack everything that I *think* I should. The first few days home is usually spent:

  • sweating (due to the heat that can be unbearable if you’ve gotten acclimatized to Norwegian weather)
  • being grumpy (jet lag can do that to you)
  • adjusting to change (everything would have changed since my last visit)
  • unpacking (though I usually just live out of my suitcase as it’s too much effort to unpack)

It’s going to be fun to go home, but it’s also tricky because it’s like I live two different lives 🙂 I think that’s just how my mind compartmentalizes it to reduce home sickness.

I will write about my trip to Munich and London, soon. I promise 🙂 Till then, have a good weekend and take care!


4 responses

  1. Dear you,

    The contrast must be spectacular! I can’t imagine. I wish you a wonderful time, dear! Lots of love and well wishes ❤

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