Replicating Mrs Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some of you lucky people probably have Mrs Fields shops in your country where you can eat a chocolate brownie or a chocolate chip cookie whenever you feel like it.

Some unlucky people like me, will have to either:

  • Yearn for them but not find them
  • Make them ourselves

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m jealous of those of you who do have Mrs Fields nearby.

I chose option #2 recently because I had seen a Mrs Fields when I was in Seattle for work but I didn’t get around to getting a cookie. I did mentally kick myself for that, really. Sometimes you see something and you think “Ahh, later..there’s so much time left.” Next thing you know, you’re on a flight home and you feel like screaming “Stop! I did not get to eat my favourite chocolate brownie!”

Alas, it’s too late. Now, here’s the best part. YumSugar, a site I read from time to time, recently interviewed a Mrs Fields employee who shared the recipe for their chocolate chip cookie.

Here’s a link to the recipe.

I did make some minor changes: I reduced the sugar from 1.5 cups to 1 cup (only white sugar as I was out of brown sugar) and I accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda. So my cookies did not expand as much, but they tasted amazing – if I may say so myself. *Beams proudly* If you watch the video, they do say that you should refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes before shaping the cookies and baking them. But, in the recipe it does not say so. I would suggest refrigerating the dough though because it’s a lot easier to shape them, then.

I placed my dough on a piece of foil and then used a spatula to shape it into a log. Then I wrapped the foil around the log and placed it in the fridge. Later, it was a lot easier to take small amounts with a butter knife, and roll it in my palms and place it on a baking sheet. I did press it down a bit to shape a cookie.

Here’s what my batch of cookies looked like:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Having devoured quite a few Mrs Fields chocolate chip cookies during my teenage years, I have to say these do taste quite similar. I do think they would have tasted even better if I had a KitchenAid *hint* *hint* 🙂


5 responses

  1. I freaking LOVE Mrs Fields! I have fond memories of going to the BSC outlet many years ago to get my fix. But they have since closed down. I have no idea why. Remember seeing it in Manila though. I am SO gonna try this recipe out. Reckon you can try to mimic their awesome brownies too? And I get you about telling yourself you’ll come back to try it and that almost never happens.

    • Oh my God! The Brownies! I used to treat myself to a MrsFields brownie and a Starbucks venti latte when I was a student – everytime I finished an assignment. It was like the ultimate treat. I’d sit by the bus stop in Brisbane city, while waiting for the bus to take me back to my dorm room on campus and relish the brownie and the coffee. *Sigh* Those were the days 🙂

      You have to make these cookies. Seriously. I took them to work and they vanished!

      I have to find the recipe for the Brownies now! Maybe there’s a Mrs Fields cookbook somewhere 😉 I did do a search and found this: Looks really familiar right?

      Yes, the whole “eat it later” never happens 😦 It sucks. I’ve managed to stop the “buy it later” when I travel. I immediately buy something if I know I’m not going to come back to that spot again, but the “eat it later” is a bit difficult to get rid of.

    • I’m jealous 🙂 I wish they had a branch here.

      You should bake some! You’ll love them. Cookie dough can be frozen for a long time actually, so you can make some and then freeze the rest of the dough and thaw it out and bake when you feel like having cookies.

      Ohh, I feel like eating some now 😦

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