Review: Diptyque Volutes

While I was in Paris, I wanted to get a fragrance that I normally cannot find here. I read about the Diptyque Paris store in 34 Boulevard St Germain and made it a point to visit the store.

It’s a really quaint store with all their fragrances, candles, room sprays, etc. I couldn’t decide which fragrance to get. I knew I wanted something medium sized (< 100 ml because I’m not very good at finishing fragrances) with a spicy, not-so-girly scent, that would have a nice dry down. It’s always fun to pick up a sweater after you’ve worn it and catch a hint of the fragrance you used. It’s the little things in life, right? 🙂

Diptyque Volutes

Diptyque Volutes

So, I zeroed in on Diptyque Volutes – which was a tough decision as everything in that store smelled like heaven.

This is what Diptyque says about their fragrance:

Un voyage rêvé, à bord d’un paquebot reliant Marseille à Saïgon. Une traversée au long cours, semée d’escales aux noms enchanteurs qui sentent l’aventure et les épices. Le charme de la vie à bord, hors du temps. Le labyrinthe des coursives encaustiquées et des salons lambrissés de bois, les mystérieuses élégantes accoudées au bastingage du pont supérieur s’adonnant avec délice au plaisir des cigarettes du Khédive. Un souvenir olfactif à jamais gravé dans la mémoire : Volutes

OK, for those of us who don’t read French, I got this with Google Translate:

A dream trip on board a cruise between Saigon to Marseille. Through a long-term, dotted with enchanting names of stops that feel the adventure and spices. The charm of life on board, out of time. The labyrinth of passageways and rooms encaustiquées paneled wood, elegant mysterious leaning on the railing of the upper deck engaged with delight at the pleasure of the Khedive cigarettes. An olfactory memory forever etched in memory: Swirls

Diptyque Volutes

Diptyque Volutes

According to Fragrantica, the notes are:

Iris, honey, tobacco, dried fruit, pink and black pepper, saffron, hay, immortelle, opoponax, myrrh, storax, and benzoin.

It doesn’t smell like any cigarette to me, but it smells like Vetiver, to me at least (with an untrained nose), and I really like Vetiver. But then again, maybe it’s the Myrrh that I’m smelling. I can smell the saffron – but it’s not like an Indian curry, I guarantee you 🙂 There is a hint of smokey-ness, especially when you first spray it, but what I like most about this fragrance is how it dries down to a pleasant, woody, fruity but not citrusy scent. In Winter, it’s always nice to use a fragrance that is not cloying or floral, but blends into the surrounding. A woody scent, is definitely suitable. I seem to be gravitating towards less-feminine, or maybe just less-floral perfumes these days. If that’s what you’re looking for, yourself, you should definitely give Diptyque Volutes a try.

The bottle has a nice weight to it and the cover closes with a slight click – perfect for travel.

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4 responses

  1. Ooooh, sounds so smoky and exotic. 🙂 I’ve always been intrigued by Diptyque’s products, but always found them super pricey. I looooove the smell of their Roses candle but balked at the insane price tag. But I really want to smell their Odeyo perfume. I mean, I figure if I can buy a Jo Malone fragrance, I can look at Diptyque, right? 😛

    • Yeah, they aren’t exactly cheap. I just wanted to treat myself to something different. I usually only buy perfumes at duty free outlets but this time I wanted to try something French seeing as I was already there.

      Hehehe, indeed. Jo Malone is kind of around the same price as Diptyque I think. The 50ml Volutes in US is about 88 USD. Jo Malone’s 1 oz (~30ml) is about 60 USD. Hmm, looks like Diptyque is slightly cheaper, at least in the US. Maybe you should get a Diptyque the next time you’re in the US. *cough* Enabling *cough*

      • Hehehe, well I don’t know if *I* really enable you but you definitely enable me. I almost got a heart attack when I saw the MAC Media lipstick but then I dared myself to swatch it and it was very pretty. Usually, I can convince myself to wear any lipstick that looks good swatched on my hand. I think it’s a mind connection. I also am not very good at using lip liners – I find most of the pencils dry and not creamy, so I wore the lipstick as is, on many layers of lip balm. Will mail you a photo 🙂

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