Aubergine and Chickpea Curry

The bf cooks from time to time, because we’re both foodies and cooking is something we have in common. Recently, he made this Aubergine and Chickpea Curry and I have to say it was delicious. He has since made it again, twice, actually and I have to say – it just keeps getting better and better.

Now I know many people are not fans of the Aubergine, but when cooked well, it can be delicious. Just don’t think about its texture – there, I’ve said it.

Aubergine and Chickpea curry

Aubergine and Chickpea curry

He got the recipe from the BBC Good Food magazine, but I’ve found it on their official website, here.

This recipe uses coconut milk and I have noticed that it’s tricky to boil coconut milk because if the heat is too high, the coconut milk can separate, so I’d suggest reducing the heat a little bit and then only adding the coconut milk.


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  1. You lucky girl – your bf seems like a good cook. And it’s nice change having someone cook for you instead. And hey if you’re indian then you’ll love aubergine, hehe, it taste good when cooked the right way for sure!

    • Thanks! The bf can cook pretty well but needs a little bit of inspiration. So, I sometimes sneakily leave cookbooks or cooking magazines around to “gently” hint that he should make something 😉

      Yes, it’s a very Indian thing, I think to eat Aubergine. Are you a fan?

    • Yes 🙂 Started drafting and have to import all the photos. It was definitely a fun trip, but wish we had more time there. The city is too big to explore. My feet were hurting so bad by the end of the trip.

    • Hehe, I think it’s a British thing. Malaysia used to be a British colony so we speak British English. It was actually a challenge trying to write in American English when I first started Technical Writing.

      You need to make this curry. It’s really good. Not too strong, a bit mild (if you don’t add too much Garam Masala) but very subtle in taste.

      • LOL, do you say things like “lorry” for trunk and “rubbish bin” for trash can and “boot” for trunk? 😀

        To be fair, living in Canada, we use British spelling…

        Haha, baby steps to cooking. I barely have the patience to make hot sandwiches, LOL.

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