What I’ve Been Up To

They say life happens when you are busy planning. Honestly I haven’t been planning, but I’ve just been, managing. Just going through the day-to-day routines and trying to keep my head afloat. There’s so much to do but so little time. But, it’s always good to be busy as it probably means that I’m of use to the universe πŸ™‚

Diwali, the festival of lights, was on last Tuesday. I was actually a bit homesick because it was the third Diwali that I was away from my family. When I was a kid, Diwali was such a big deal. We celebrated it so grandly. One of the best things about Diwali was that everybody wore new clothes and since we were kids, we had new shoes, pyjamas, even new underwear πŸ˜‰ As I grow older, and since I live away from my family, it’s a bit of a strange day. I know everybody I am related to will be having fun: eating, partying, talking, watching the latest Tamil movie that released that day, etc. I usually end up working on that day and it’s a bit surreal. I could take the day off, but working on that day is a way of dealing with homesickness: keeping busy.

In 2010, the bf took me to San Francisco for Diwali because he was going to be away and he didn’t want me to be alone.Β This year I was actually alone because he was in Berlin for work and I didn’t feel like taking days off to wander around Berlin alone while he was working. My workload is kind of insane lately, too, so it doesn’t feel right to take days off right now. To avoid being miserable, I had a nice FaceTime call with my family, then I went to work.

After work I had some good sushi for takeout and finally plonked msyelf in the cinema for the almost-3-hour-long Hindi movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan. I’m a huge fan of Indian movies: Β the movies and the music. A huge portion of my playlist consists of Tamil and Hindi movie soundtrack and this music keeps me sane. The more music I listen to at work, the less angry I become. I’ll also watch any movie with Shah Rukh Khan in it because I think he’s a really good actor. He also talks very, very well. There was a radio interview he did for BBC to celebrate his 20 years in the movie industry and he was so entertaining to listen to. There are some highlights you can view here.

Anyway, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is quite a good movie, not just because it’s partially shot in London (There’s a scene right outside Covent Garden, on that street where I walk by to go to Neal’s Yard!) but because it’s one of those movies that you can just get lost in and not think about logic and reality, you know? That’s the best part about watching a movie. You get to escape a bit. It’s also why I love to read. I think I just need to know that there are other people out there with different lives and that my challenges are just…a drop of water in the ocean. I have this habit at work where I step out of my office and take a walk in the city from time to time. It really helps me to clear my head. Of course it helps to work smack dab in the middle of three different shopping malls. *Evil laugh*

So, apart from Diwali and watching the movie, not much is up here. I have plans to go to Germany for Christmas to visit the bf’s family. We’re not sure what to do for New Year’s Eve though. I’ll be very honest: I’d love to go to London. It would be amazing. But, I also don’t want to push my travel luck anymore because there have been some amazing trips this year so far and sometimes, it would be wise to not ask the universe for too much. So, I shall wait and see.

Oh, my Mom sent me some of her homemade fruitcake in the mail. It’s very cute. She registered the parcel as well so I have to stop by the post office later to pick up fruitcake. I’m really looking forward to eating it though. It’ll definitely help with the homesickness.

I won’t say I regret living away from home, but I will say that I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. I have lived away from home for almost 8 years now. It started with studying abroad and then it went on to working abroad. When you make a decision to move in your early 20s, you only think of that point. Like most young people, back then, I couldn’t even imagine being where I am now. In hindsight maybe I should have made that effort to visualize it. But I guess nothing prepares you for a lot of things – like knowing that your parents are getting older, your nieces and nephews are growing – just realizing how much you miss out on by not being there. I won’t lie. It sucks. But that said, life goes on and absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, if you’re considering moving away from home, just be careful to consider the other aspects as well. Time can take moments from you.


5 responses

  1. firstly, happy diwali homie! it sucks that u were alone this year! i think i was more homesick last yr than this yr. this yr it didnt really hit me.

    Secondly, lol jthj was amazing right? the music is so good! i didnt like them much until i saw the movie πŸ™‚ althou, srk is getting old, and to be opposite of katrina kaif, i dunno lol

    thirdly, i love how u mention the living away from home bit cuz no joke, the thought came when i was wandering Nottingham today. the city was so alive and full of history that i was tempted to consider staying here lol but ur right, those moments with the family are so key and i miss them being away right now too lol all those fam jams, ❀

  2. AWW babe, guess I”ll be able to relate about being away from family come next year when we move. But I do believe you being away in Norway has given you lots of other opportunities too….for starters you met Simon that way and you’ve done soo much sight seeing and travelling which you might not be able to do otherwise if you were in malaysia? But it’s still nice that you do come home to see them, at least that makes up for everything else. btw, did you just say you saw the movie in a CINEMA? As in they play hindi movies in Norway?? And your mom’s too cute – she actually posted a fruit cake to you, now that’s love!

    • Yeah, being away from home has it’s downsides, for sure 😦 True, the opportunities have been really good.

      I wish I could be home more often but the tickets are really pricey sometimes and I only get limited days off (about 30 a year). It’s difficult to divide them up.

      Yes, Hindi movies do play in cinemas here. But not Tamil ones. At least not the cinemas near where I live. There are a lot of people from Pakistan and Sri Lanka who live here. They are mostly citizens actually, like 2nd generation. So it is possible to watch some Hindi movies sometimes πŸ™‚ I love that and the movies have English subtitles. That’s how I taught Simon to watch them.

      Aww, the fruit cake. It just made my day when I had to go to the post office to pick up a registered package with two tupperwares of fruit cake inside πŸ™‚ It was too cute, indeed. I’ve been rationing it and freezing portions of it so I won’t eat it all at one go.

      Thanks for the nice comment Cas. You always write the sweetest things πŸ™‚

  3. Hey girl! Sorry you’re feeling homesick. I can totally understand not wanting to wander around Berlin while you’ve a ton of work to do. I’m glad you got some me-time at the cinema though, and your mother is so sweet to send you a fruitcake! Is it the kind with dried fruits, similar to the English ones?

    Yes, time moves quickly and life can sometimes be hard to grasp. I often wonder how we’ll remember the days we spent running around working, stressed and too busy to reflect upon our lives, when we’re gray and old sitting in a nursing home… Will we be happy with the lives we lived?

    Big hugs to you darling!

    • Yeah, Diwali was a bit depressing as I was alone. But I’m okay now πŸ™‚

      Yes, it is the English fruitcake with the dried fruits but my Mom doesn’t use Brandy. She uses orange juice instead, so it taste a bit different.

      Hehehe I don’t mind ending up in the same nursing home as you! We can check out the hot male nurses πŸ˜‰


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