Current Favourites

Current Favourites

Acne fringe scarve
975 NOK –

Giorgio armani
180 NOK –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
270 NOK –

165 NOK –

Here are some things I’ve been crazy about lately:

  • ACNE Quebec Royal Blue/Navy Scarf – I usually buy myself new winter accessories every winter if I’m not going to buy a new coat. (Technically, I have been scouting around for a new coat but I haven’t found one that fits well enough to justify the expense.) But seeing as I didn’t get a coat so far, I got a better scarf than what I would normally buy. This scarf is ultimate luxury. It’s 100% wool and feels so, very, comfortable. When I wear it, it feels as if the words “cold” and “neck” will never co-exist in a thought, in my mind. That is how comfortable it is! I wear it almost every day, to decrease it’s cost-per-wear. It helps that it goes with my camel jacket and my black down jacket.
  • Bioderma Crealine H2O – I’m sure you’ve heard about this makeup remover before. It’s the bee’s knees. I wear eye makeup about 3 to 4 times a week. Even if I don’t wear eyeshadow, I still use eyeshadow primer to keep my mascara from smudging. Normally, removing my eye makeup is a bit of a time consuming task but I persevere because it needs to be done and I’m a clean freak. That said, with the Bioderma makeup remover, I can sit on the couch with 2-3 saturated cotton pads and remove my eye makeup slowly, without any rubbing or tugging. I don’t even need a mirror as I know it will remove almost everything. I usually use a cotton bud soaked in it to clean my waterline and lashes, but even that is easy to do as the makeup remover does not irritate my eyes or my contact lenses at all. I always use a separate face makeup remover because I like a good oil cleanser, but in a pinch, I have used this before and it’s been pretty clean. I do rinse my entire face with facial cleanser later though – clean freak, remember? 🙂 I bought 3 bottles of these in Paris. I’m going to have to go hunting for it online when I’m finished. I hope that day never comes though 😦 Shipping to Norway is expensive.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation – When I was in Seattle, a couple of months ago, I got a sample of this foundation. I thought 6.5 Warm Almond was a really good match but I didn’t have time to wear it there so I brought the sample back home and forgot about it. Before I went to Paris I was going through my sample stash and then stumbled upon this. I used the sample three times and loved it. So I bought a bottle in Paris and have been using it ever since. It blends very well and lasts throughout a work day. I use it with various oil-free, mattifying primers because I always use a primer. If you have combination/oily skin and want a long wearing foundation that won’t oxidize, with a semi-matte finish, this is a good buy.
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow Acqua collection – I’ve been using this eyeshadow in #24 recently. I love it so much I sometimes wear it for two consecutive days. That’s very out-of-character for me actually as I usually rotate my eyeshadows a lot. I love wearing a different product everyday. But, the look I get with this eyeshadow is just too beautiful to not use it. I usually wear a primer and a base, but because Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows are long-wearing, I can skip the base and just use a primer and it will last a good 10 hours without creasing. I’ve never worn eyeshadows without primer so I wouldn’t know how long this eyeshadow lasts without primer. Temptalia has good swatches and a nice review for this product. If you like eyeshadows and want a workhorse product that you can wear all the time, this is definitely a good splurge.
  • Smashbox Image Factory Airblush Whipped Cheek Color – I bought this in Berry Bliss, at Sephora in Paris. I wasn’t looking to buy a blush actually, but when I landed in Paris and was getting ready for dinner that night, I realized that I had completely forgotten to bring a blush with me. So, the next day I had to hunt for one at Sephora. I was looking for a blush that was guaranteed to work with my skin tone and I didn’t have much time to swatch and compare. The texture of this product is like a mousse but it’s very pigmented. You barely need a swipe on your brush to get a healthy, lively look.

2 responses

  1. I have yet to try the Armani Eyes to Kill. UGGGHHHHH. I really want to, but $45 is SO EXPENSIVE for an eyeshadow. I think I will try out the L’Oreal Infallible version first. For one Armani, I can get like, 4 L’Oreal ones. 😛

    Also love the Bioderma cleansing water (for some reason, it’s called Sensibio here), though I haven’t used it in quite some time now… I was obsessed with it a few years ago and don’t know why I stopped buying it. I should get a new bottle; I think drugstores are carrying the double-sized bottles for holiday! 🙂

    • OK, I’ll admit 45 CAD is a lot for an eyeshadow. No doubt. But, you have to try it. I’d suggest getting a colour you really, really love. I love my #24 like nobody’s business. I’m even wearing it now. There’s something so special about it. It’s multi-dimensional/lasts all day/I can change the crease colour + outer corner colour and it looks like a different eyeshadow/It blends like butter/Has almost no fallout/Super pigmented/Travel friendly.

      OK, am I convincing you yet? 🙂 If you’re going to travel, I know some airports have Armani counters at duty free. The bf got me #5 Gold Blitz from the Armani counter at Munich airport. Oh my goodness! The Gold Blitz is like a turbo charged MAC Amber Lights. It’s so gorgeous. *Happy sigh*

      OK will keep quiet about the Eyes To Kill now 🙂

      I haven’t tried the L’Oreal ones. I was very, very intrigued by the navy blue awhile back because Gwyneth Paltrow had it on for a magazine cover and it was really magical. But, I kind of forgot about it and haven’t been wearing blue much lately.

      Yeah, I think this pink one is Sensibio. There’s another one which is for oily skin, but I got the one for sensitive skin since it’s winter. The cleansing water looks so innocent but it’s so powerful at removing makeup. I’m so impressed. It’s a shame it’s not available here. I have to find a way to get it online when I run out.

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