The Cold

Movies make cold weather look so mysterious; so romantic. You know when you watch movies and the male lead character jogs across the street, clad in a very in-season, unbuttoned, wool coat – without a scarf or a beanie because he will look less fashionable then – with his hands jammed into his coat pockets? Let me tell you something: it’s anything but mysterious or romantic. It’s just freezing.

Oh my goodness – I cannot even explain how cold it has been lately. About -17 C. I have experienced -22 C about two years ago but I  I must have forgotten how bitterly cold it was. -17 C is killing me so much so that I am walking around bundled up like a Teletubby. I wear wool mixed tights inside my jeans and a wool sweater (with another singlet underneath to keep the wool clean), wool hat, wool lined shoes, wool socks, wool lined gloves and a down puffer jacket: and I’m still cold. Usually around the face area. The only option left is for me to wear a monkey cap or a fur hat. *Shudder*

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Sher, told me something along the lines of how the worst part of winter was the slippery ice. I didn’t think you could slip on snow, but now that I am constantly slipping on ice… I think she was right. Winter looks so pretty and innocent until you encounter a huge piece of black ice on the ground that you have to literally glide across to get to your destination. Add in grocery bags and a coffee cup and it’s even trickier to walk on ice. Sometimes, some kind soul pours gravel on the ice and then it’s easier to walk around, but most of the time the gravel is covered by new ice (that was originally snow before the weather warmed up).

In the spirit of positivity, here’s a photograph of what the city looked like recently. That blue cube is not a Tardis, but a public toilet 😉

Around Oslo

Around Oslo

I think I’m ready for Spring.


2 responses

  1. Wow you know what, I never knew snow could be that bad, for us folks who are so used to the sun, snow is always fun, no matter how cold it is I guess. Anyway just look forward to spring then, no more buddled up like Teletubby then I’m sure, hehe 🙂

    • I thought the same thing too 🙂 Until I experienced below zero temperatures and my bones started to hurt. I’m also a bit jinxed with eczema that gets very uncomfortable in cold temperatures.

      Hehe, yes, cannot wait for Spring. Already wondering what to wear and itching to pack away my wool layers.

      I hope you’re well Cas 🙂

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