I’m so glad it’s Friday today. I haven’t blogged in awhile because I was traveling – first to London in February to pick out our wedding rings and see my best friend M, whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. I also have a cousin in London who is really fun to hang out with so that’s what we did for a weekend in February.

After that work really picked up and I had to rush to complete stuff just to be able to go home with a clean conscience in mid March. Yes I was in Malaysia but this time, it was more intense than the usual trips so I barely had any time to meet up with friends. Actually I met no friends at all because all our time was spent either scouting out event locations for our wedding, shopping for Spring in Oslo (which has not materialized at all!), and just spending time with my little niece and nephew.

Ahh, my little niece. She’s just way too much fun.  She has this cheeky, impish grin that makes it almost impossible for anybody to be annoyed or mad at her. The fiancée and I talk about her every day. The best thing that could happen this year would be to actually be able to attend her 5th birthday party. I’m really hoping that happens. *Fingers crossed* My elder sister is one of those cool Moms who holds themed birthday parties for her kids. Every year I see the photos and feel so sad that I could not attend that party.

We did a bit of shopping, I won’t lie. My sisters and I love to shop – we get it from Mom – and I found some wonderful items at Gap (my favourite shop),  Levi’s, and Rockport.

I have to say the Sephora in KL is a huge disappointment especially if you have experienced a Sephora in the US. Despite Malaysia having dark/tanned skin people, Sephora does not have most of the shades of cosmetics I was looking for. I was looking for a Laura Mercier foundation (Oil free supreme) in Toffee Bronze. Laura Mercier’s foundation comes in 12 shades, but Sephora had 4. Seriously, that’s 1/4 of the range. It makes no sense to me at all.

Don’t even get me started on Chanel. I use Perfection Lumiere foundation in shade 94, but I could not find that in KL. Chanel Perfection Lumiere, in the US, they have 20 different shades. But in KL, I think they only had like 6 shades. It’s such a shame. You have the money to spend on the foundation but it’s like they don’t want your money.

There are so many beautiful restaurants in KL lately and we were really lucky to eat at some of them. We had biryani at Fierce Curry House which was utterly scrumptious. My younger sister took us to lunch at Ben’s Independent Grocer. The eggplant and chicken salad with kicap manis and garlic dressing was amazing. I am so going to try to replicate that. My mother had a small gathering at Taj Garden, which was also really good. They make this thin bread, known as Roomali roti. I could live on that. My Dad took us for BBQ at Halia restaurant. The fried rice was so good. Not to mention the nasi lemak. When you live away from KL, the first nasi lemak is always the best meal – ever. My brother-in-law took us to Rakuzen. Best. Japanese. Food. Ever. I savoured every single spoon of my black sesame ice-cream as I don’t know when I will get another scoop of that this year 🙂

Contented sigh.

I’m sorry I have no photographs this time. It was a 27 hour journey to KL and a 28 hour journey back. Lugging my DSLR camera around was just something I could not do.


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  1. Even though your traveling was exhausting, it’s good to hear that you got to spend some time with the family and eat good food and do some shopping. 🙂 Where are you having your wedding?

    As a Canadian, I think we take a lot of things here for granted. We always complain about our prices being more expensive than the US even though our dollars have been on par for several years now… but comparatively, we’re really quite cheap, especially considering the prices in Europe, Asia, and Australia!!! I recently had a woman gripe about how a MAC foundation is nearly $80 AUD, and a Chanel foundation is over $100! That’s highway robbery, for real. Next time you’re in the US, you should stock up for like, a year, lol.

    Good thing there are no photos of the food you ate, because I am hungry right now and looking at food porn would NOT BE GOOD… Unngghh, now I really want some curry and roti. 😦

    • Denise! Your comment made me grin. Thank you 🙂

      Yes, the trip was worth it for sure. The wedding is next Summer, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because I come from a big family and weddings are a huge deal in Indian culture.

      But prices in Canada is expensive – I completely understand. I think it’s like how we feel in Norway about prices here vs. UK or Germany, but Norway is not part of EU so we don’t get the European prices. We get more expensive prices than that 😦

      Yeah, I have no idea why the prices are so expensive in Australia. I read that a lipstick is 30 AUD which is 32 CAD. In Malaysia, MAC is not cheap but it’s slightly cheaper than Norway. Yes, I might have to stock up the next time I’m in the US. But with the wedding planning and such, travel might have to take a back seat. I’m a little bit bummed out about that actually because it’s the travels that keep me sane sometimes.

      Hahaha, eat something! You guys get such yummy food in Canada. I am still dreaming of visiting Toronto. I haven’t forgotten about you and Mary *HUG*

  2. “Laura Mercier’s foundation comes in 12 shades, but Sephora had 4. Seriously, that’s 1/4 of the range.” Isn’t that 1/3 of the range? Or maybe I don’t understand something about perfumes

    It’s fun reading your adventures and I’d love to try some proper Malaysian food. Sounds delicious!

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